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August 17, 2011

Good things which happened yesterday:

♥ Getting up at 6.30am to work out. It’s been too long!
♥ Soup run on the seafront.
The Great British Bake Off!
♥ Watching boys play chess.
♥ Leaving the house at 11pm and fully intending to return within the hour, and ending up dancing until 3am in a sticky club to Less Than Jake and The Mighty Mighty Bosstones <3

Bad things which happened yesterday:

♥ Saying goodbye to a friend who is moving to Japan for a year.

As I said in my last blog, I’ve been super inspired by La Belle Vegan’s recipes. Shelby puts together really healthy, energy-boosting meals which look amazing and taste delicious, whilst giving your body some love.
She’s a fellow fan of sweet potato fries, oats for breakfast and kittens <3

I want to be a bit more creative and colourful with my salads. I also want to add edamame beans to more of my meals, because they are delicious. And I really want to learn how to cook bulgar wheat properly, because I always seem to mess it up!

Things to look forward to:

♥ Holiday! One week in Crete; sunshine, boy, houmous, beach, bliss.
♥ 14 days off work, yesss.
♥ My Birthday; spending time with family, friends, all of the people I love <3

Sorry for the lack of images in the last couple of blogs, I will make sure there is a bit more colour in my next update!

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