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August 21, 2011

So I’m sitting with the window open, sipping some pomegranate juice and thinking- this is probably the end of Summer 2011. Maybe that’s ok; there have been some pretty exciting pieces for A/W coming into the shops. Another reason why it might be ok, is because in two days time I begin my holidays- 14 days off work, which will include seeing pretty much my favourite band at the moment, seeing another band which I’m pretty excited about also, but hoping that it will be better than the last time. It’s my birthday on Friday. I’m also going to Crete for a week! I’m super excited about this, because I haven’t had a beach holiday in two years, and can’t wait to sit on the beach, swim in the sea and eat houmous!

I’m dreaming of what pieces to buy for the holiday- it’s hard knowing that once we return it will be September and the temperature will be dropping. I don’t really want to spend money on clothes which I won’t be able to wear again until the following April, so it would be smart to buy things which I can co-ordinate for the colder months, but which will definitely keep me cool in the baking hot sunshine!

I’m totally in love with this style of skirt; I think they have the perfect element of fun, whilst having a sense of tradition. The sheer fabric will be cool in the sun, and can be worn with tights all the way through winter, and with ankle boots I think they would look super cute. Now- black or creme? Or soft pink?

The Magpie Girl recently took a little trip to Greece too, so I’ve been inspired by her many outfits, safe in the knowledge that these outfits are cool-proof!

Jewellery isn’t too much of an issue; I tend to go pretty naked on the accessories-front when I’m super hot. At home I usually stick to necklaces, rings and a watch, and I never wear bracelets. Ever. Weird, huh?

Maybe I can make an exception? I think just some simple wooden bangles, with intricate details carved into them would be very nice.

White cotton dresses feel like a must, but the shops don’t seem to agree with me. This is quite frustrating; the high street is filled with A/W 2011, and the dregs of the sales! The hunt goes on for the perfect crisp and simple white dress, which isn’t see through.

This dress is so beautiful, but I am definitely too clumsy to wear something so crisp.

If I didn’t have a phobia of shorts I would totally pick up a pair of these; cool, clean and cotton.

So cannot wait to be sitting on a beautiful beach <3

Romantic meals on the beach… OK this may be a bit much to ask, but how nice would the scene above be!

What are you suggestions, and fashion staples for surviving the heat?

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