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A Break

September 7, 2011

Things which I learnt on this trip:

♥ Being spontaneous is really rather wonderful.
♥ Spending time with someone hunky, all day every day, is pretty much the best thing ever.
♥ It’s ok to sit down for a few hours, just reading. You don’t have to be doing anything else.
♥ My body is quite useless and breaks too easily.
♥  Sitting by the sea is one of the most relaxing things you can do. I definitely need to be spending more time by the ocean.
♥ Routine is kind of soul-destroying.
♥ That writing is what makes me happy, and I should really be doing a lot more of it.
♥ If you eat platefuls of houmous almost everyday, this will cause you to gain 147lbs. Who would have thought?

We spent hours on the balcony, looking over the huge blue bay. Reading poetry and beautiful words, drinking cans of Mythos and eating nectarines. We drew letters into a stone, marking it briefly with ourselves. We took a boat out to another island; a leper island. Abandoned buildings, ruins, stone. Walking along dusty paths, finding bays of clear, blue water and smooth rocks. Swimming, underwater photography and drying under the heat. Walking to tavernas and ordering frozen glasses of beer, sharing plates of houmous, with the most beautiful, toasted melting chunks of flatbread. Fresh herbs, courgette flowers stuffed with rice, yellow split peas crushed with raw onion. Watching football in a bar. Soya burgers in huge buns, stuffed with thick slices of beef tomatoes, raw onion and tomato sauce, wrapped carefully in bags and taken down to the beach as the sun was setting. Broken english explained the techniques of turning olives into vinegar, oil and tapenade.

Things which I learnt after this trip:

♥ That some of my family are not very well. This is rubbish.
♥ It’s very easy to slip back into old routines and old moods. These must be tackled head-on.

Things which Rasputin seems to have learnt from his little holiday:

♥ How to meow like a brother pucker. Seriously, who taught him how to project like this?
♥ That when he simply must have a snuggle NOW, he can project himself from one side of the room to your lap in under 1.3 seconds.
♥ That Mr T does not like it when you poop and pee in your carry box at the beginning of a 40 minute journey home. Snort.

More photographs will follow as I work through uploading and developing the various films and cameras which we brought with us!

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  1. September 8, 2011 7:30 am

    welcome back lovely xo

  2. September 8, 2011 7:58 am

    Thanks darling! <3

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