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World Vegan Day!

November 1, 2011

Happy World Vegan Day! It sounds quite strange to say that, but I’m super happy to be vegan, and to be celebrating all of the positive things which I’ve gained as a result of becoming vegan. All of the wonderful people that I’ve met, recipes which I’ve tried, all of the awkward situations, the questions and the challenges. Making foods which ‘shouldn’t’ be vegan, recipes which are impossible to veganise, and discovering new foods all the time.

People’s faces when you tell them that the cake you’ve made doesn’t have eggs, or milk, or butter in (well, at least not milk meant for a calf etc.) or when friends are tucking into some supper and haven’t thought twice about the fact that it doesn’t have meat in. When you discover a new health food store, order foreign foods from international websites, or hear about new products on the grapevine. When you find the perfect coat, in your price range, and it doesn’t contain wool! Vegan shoes, 100% cotton, faux suede. It’s not always easy, and it can sometimes be frustrating but it’s worth it.

Thinking about becoming vegan? Pop along to the Vegan Society and sign up for the Vegan Pledge – you might even be paired up with me as your vegan mentor!

For more information on veganism visit The Vegan Forum for the answer to any curious questions which you might have, including forums for specific locations all over the world! Have a browse through some of my favourite blogs for wonderful recipes and inspiration, and get to know some brilliant vegan cooks.

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