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November 14, 2011

This weekend I finally managed to go home and see my family! The Wilmowski’s haven’t all been in a room together since… maybe my birthday in August!? It was Dad’s birthday so me and Trout took the bus to Crowborough, losing a bet on the way, and were welcomed with two hugely excited doggies who went absolutely bonkers. How lovely. My family know me so well and made sure that there were 5 different flavours of houmous for lunch and plenty of salad ♥

We went out to dinner at a Mediterranean restaurant in Tunbridge Wells which has one of my favourite foods on the menu; bruschetta. I love the balance of fresh tomato mixed with rock salt, red onion and a lick of olive oil, with the crisp garlic-rubbed ciabatta. We finished the meal with some port, delicious.

The next morning, after another long bus journey which seemed to take us on a tour of most of East Sussex, I came home to find a lovely parcel from Nicky. Lovehearts! Brilliant. And a new flavour of bear bites!

I also finally managed to find some gingerbread porridge! I was so super excited to find it at my parent’s local branch and was almost tempted to take full advantage of the 2 for £3 offer, but decided I should mix it up with some cranberry and raspberry. The gingerbread porridge is absolutely delicious and worth the wait!! I haven’t managed to take a photograph of it yet, but I will as soon as possible. The oats are perfectly sweetened without giving you an awful sugar headache, and the ginger is warming without being spicy. What a lovely addition to my breakfast. This morning I added whipped banana (which is pretty much my favourite thing to add to oats, usually) but I have learned my lesson and it does NOT work. It just tasted strange, FYI. I think from now on I will enjoy as it is, or possible add some peanut butter on top.

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  1. November 15, 2011 7:08 pm

    I have serious love for the gingerbread porridge. It wasn’t on offer when I got mine, and my local waitrose doesn’t stock it :( x

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