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December 3, 2011

I’m sat up in bed hoping and wishing that the blue sky which I can see through the sky-light will last, and that I don’t end up a sodden crumpled mess in London today! I’m off to meet up with 3 of my most favourite vegans to eat japanese food at Itadaki Zen, in Kings Cross. Judging by their past visits here and here, the food will be delicious ♥

I’ve been looking through dozens of listings and trying to decide what to do with the four hours which I have before the sushi-munching commences. I would love to go to the Leonardo di Vinci exhibition at the National Gallery, but at £16 per ticket I just can’t justify spending this money before Christmas! I have decided that I will visit a new gallery, The Mayor Gallery as they are showing some drawings by Sylvia Plath. Plath is one of my most favourite writers, I simply love her words. Perfect. I’m so intrigued to see her drawings.

Next will be a visit to my favourite museum, Wellcome Collection. Their exhibitions are always brilliantly informative whilst having a strong artistic influence, often incorporating artists’ work which is inspired or discusses the themes of the exhibition.

Other than that I think I will also pop into Haunch of Venison as I love this gallery, and it is right around the corner from The Mayor Gallery. I might have my usual browse around Whole Foods, but will probably just stick to the branch near Piccadilly rather than travelling across town to the wonderful Kensington branch.

I can’t wait to see Naomi, Mitsu and Sasha! We used to spend much more time together, usually eating cake, and since moving to Brighton we haven’t seen nearly enough of each other, bar fleeting hellos during various vegan festivals!

I hope everyone has lovely plans for the weekend, and the weather treats us well. I’m off work for the next week, back on Friday, so I’m looking forward to getting a head-start on my Christmas shopping, deep-cleaning the flat (yes!), possibly giving blood on Monday, spending time with friends, baking, writing and watching nice movies. Love!

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  1. December 3, 2011 3:03 pm

    Oh, I love Japanese food and those photos look amazing, I shall have to bookmark that one! Excellent London choices, I really want to see the Plath exhibition but haven’t had time yet. I love her style of drawing, she was so creatively talented. The Wellcome Collection is ace too! Enjoy your time in London! x P.S. have you got any good vegan Christmas baking recipes you could share on here? I have an aunt who comes for Christmas every year who’s allergic to dairy and eggs – we make her an egg-free Christmas cake but I want to make her some kind of biscuits/cookies too!

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