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Some ideas

January 3, 2012

I hope that everyone had a lovely New Years Eve and has started the New Year off nicely! I had a very quiet evening (compared to last year, when I broke the Christmas Tree…) and had a few friends round. We made a variety of cocktails which were surprisingly very tasty! Some had champagne, some had vodka, some had Creme de Cassis, some had mixers. We drank out of teacups and ate fizzy sweets before heading to a local pub for the countdown, sipping sailor jerry in a quiet corner before returning home to read recipe books and chat until the early hours.

To begin the new year I would like to get a head start with my resolutions, and would like to set myself some goals for January. I did this a couple of years ago and started the year off by giving up coffee for the whole month. Insane. I don’t quite know how I managed that one, but I certainly won’t be repeating this challenge!

January Ideas:

– Save money for the various trips which I have planned
– Skype with Laia more often
– Write letters to friends
– Bake 4 new recipes. Specifically dinner recipes.
– Blog more frequently – I’m not sure exactly my average, but I would prefer to be blogging every 2 – 3 days
– Spend an afternoon in a coffee shop with a good book, relaxing and enjoying the calm
– Spend more time with my family

I have a couple of weekends to myself before Mr T comes back from Japan so I really need to make sure that I spend this time productively and not just sit at home reading blogs and sipping coffee. Even though this is pretty much my favourite thing to do, it makes me feel kind of lazy and like I’m not using my time well.

Yesterday I went to have coffee with a friend and we met at the Small Batch Coffee Company in MyHotel. It was literally amazing! The decor is wonderful, staff really friendly and the coffee was absolutely fantastic. Seriously the best coffee I have ever tasted. I will be spending many more weekends at this lovely cafe! You can see some photographs here as I only took my lomo camera and not my compact (sensible, eh!) and also, I can’t find my connecting cable – I think Mr T might have taken that to Japan with him! So it might be a few days before I can locate some kind of uploading mechanism to post some photographs.

I hope you are all enjoying the storms! This means we will save time in the morning getting ready, as there is literally no point and will wake up looking better than we ever will upon arriving at work. Enjoy the day!

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