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Things I would like to say and do.

February 27, 2012


This weekend was a weird one. Stresses and drama, but at the same time relatively relaxing! I spilt curry on my laptop and broke the screen, watched football and drank beer, ate more curry and watched Take Me Out, spent Sunday morning in hospital with Mr T, watched multiple episodes of The Office (US), went to see The Social Club at a matinee show, and ate even more curry. I can’t believe it’s Monday already! Rubbish. It’s also nearly the end of February, so I am going to reflect on the list of resolutions that I gave myself:

Bake 4 new recipes. I think so! I know that I made no-bake peanut butter balls, a ‘new’ chickpea curry, pancakes…
Write more letters and send more parcels Yes! ♥
Look for new jobs and oppurtunities I haven’t applied for nearly enough jobs, this must change!
Save money for America I can’t quite believe it but yes, I have managed to SAVE!
Continue blogging more frequently I think I’ve been blogging fairly frequently!
– Read more books. Hmm. Not really; I just don’t seem to find the time!
Organise our 10 year Anniversary celebrations ♥  We haven’t finalised any plans, but we have been brainstorming a lot, haha.
Write all of the articles I’ve been meaning to write Yes – you can read my latest articles here and here!

OK, so I did pretty good! I definitely need to find the time to read more books. But on the whole I’m pretty happy with how I’m doing with my resolutions! Here are some for March:

March Resolutions

Save money! Continue with plan for budgeting.
– Organise a lovely weekend for our 10 year Anniversary ♥
– Bake more new recipes – not just dinner ideas, but snacks too.
– Plan fun things to do for when Laia comes to visit.
– Fix my laptop.
– Apply for as many jobs as possible.
– To start keeping a sketchbook again.
– List some items on ebay.

It’s sort of difficult to search and apply for jobs while my laptop is out of action. It’s also hard to keep up with my favourite blogs, but I’m really going to try my best this week to borrow Mr T’s laptop when I can. It’s quite nice in a way, having a break from being online so much. I feel like I can focus more on other things that I need to do. Writing is much harder though, as I’m so used to my own mac, and have loads of things saved which I reflect on when I need some inspiration etc.

This week I don’t have too many plans: on Wednesday Mr T and I are going to The Blind Tiger Club to see Fanfarlo. Tuesday is soup-run day, and on Friday a friend might be coming round for some din-dins. Other than that I plan on applying for as many jobs as I can, trying to work out a master plan on how to raise some more funds, writing, reading and watching The Office. Hope you are all having a wonderful Monday!

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  1. February 27, 2012 7:33 pm

    You must share your new recipes x

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