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Marching onwards

March 31, 2012

I can’t believe that we’re almost at the end of March. Bonkers! This month has flown by, with so many happy memories. I haven’t really had a chance to stop and think, let alone reflect on my little list of resolutions! I dread to think how many (or how few…!) that I’ve accomplished.

March Resolutions

 Save money! Continue with plan for budgeting. Well, in a word: NO! After a disaster with my laptop, and every bill known to man coming through, I am back to square one. SAD FACE.
Organise a lovely weekend for our 10 year Anniversary ♥ YES! It was really more Mr T’s planning, but it was amazing.
– Bake more new recipes – not just dinner ideas, but snacks too. Hmm. I’ve made a couple of things…!
Plan fun things to do for when Laia comes to visit. We mainly chatted, drank beer, and shopped, shopped, SHOPPED!
Fix my laptop. £££
– Apply for as many jobs as possible. Nope. I applied for TWO this month. Not good enough, at all.
– To start keeping a sketchbook again. Nope.
– List some items on ebay. Nope. I really do need to do this, though!

OK so I completely FAILED! I must work on these things, really. I must keep a sketchbook, that is really important. I must list things on ebay to help with the ‘saving-money’ concept, and I must apply for new jobs.

April Resolutions

– Make sure Mr T has a brilliant birthday!
– Bake a good old feast of Easter treats for my family
– Apply for jobs. GO!
– To list unwanted things on ebay
– To write as much as I possibly can – really push myself to write for all the websites that I’m in touch with
– Buy a few staple summer pieces
– SaveSaveSave!
– Buy a few decent pairs of shoes. This means no Primark – something which will LAST!
– Go to the cinema more. I bought Mr T and I membership to the Duke of York, so I want to start making the most of that.

Let’s hope I can stick to these better than last months!!

Things that I’ve learnt this month:

  • Breath
  • It doesn’t matter if you don’t succeed in everything that you plan to do
  • Be conscious of now, not then, the past, what is behind you and what should be forgotten
  • You don’t need to plan everything – or anything
  • Don’t over analyse things – trust your soul and your lightning quick instinct
  • Bake more, choose freely and relax for a while
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  1. April 9, 2012 9:35 am

    Focusing on the now is something I’m always trying to work on…and focusing on who I want to “be”, not what I should do…xx

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