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Easter Weekend

April 9, 2012

Above is a little photograph of my Easter morning breakfast. It’s always a little strange eating breakfast away from my own kitchen, with all of my familiar ingredients. But sometimes it makes it more interesting – I never had desiccated coconut at home, so it was nice to add a sprinkle on top of these nutmeg and mixed spice oats. I also chopped some strawberries into the oats, and topped it with a spoonful of loganberry jam after taking this photograph.

I hope that everyone enjoyed their Easter weekend! I was really spoilt with a Moo Free chocolate egg (delicious!) and a Sainsbury’s Free From egg – as well as a really thoughtful cookery book from my Motherbear, which she bought a copy for me and one for my sister. The book is called ‘Saved by Cake‘ by Marian Keyes, and illustrates how Keyes used baking as a form of therapy to overcome severe depression. I can’t say that I’ll be diving back into baking quite as enthusiastically just yet, but it has a really interesting introduction and plenty of intriguing recipes!

In the evening I cooked a big roast dinner for my family, well – the family that were able to get together. It was a collaborative dinner, with my sister cooking the nut roast, my Mum making her legendary roasted carrots, and Mr T making some cracking gravy. I combined all of these lovely dishes with roast potatoes, mashed swede and boiled broccoli. Yum! The dinner was soon followed with numerous games of Bananagrams and glasses of Licor 43, yum!

Today I am feeling so tired! I don’t even really know why but I could just fall asleep right now, which is a shame because I have a ton of things that I want to get done before the return to work tomorrow (boo)! Can’t we just have a few days off, please? I’ve written a little list of things that I need to pick up from Waitrose, so I might nip out in a little bit. I really hope it’s not raining anymore!

What did everyone get for Easter? I hope you all enjoyed plenty of chocolate! I scoffed my whole Moo Free egg already but still have my Free From egg to look forward to!

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  1. April 9, 2012 6:10 pm

    That book looks great! Baking really helped me get through some tough times…i know it sounds weird but it’s true! It’s very therapeutic :-) I’ll deffo check this book out :-)

  2. April 9, 2012 7:30 pm

    I love that Marian Keyes book; she is an incredible woman and there are some divine recipes!

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