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April, May

April 30, 2012

This was my breakfast this morning. First coffee since Saturday morning! Small but enjoyable, muchly. I also had a glass of cloudy apple juice, amazing. Usual cereal (Dorset Cereals Tasty Flakes) with blackberries and peanut butter.

We’re nearing the end of yet another month, so let’s recap on my goals:

– Make sure Mr T has a brilliant birthday! I think so!
Bake a good old feast of Easter treats for my family I didn’t end up baking anything this year, I went more ‘traditional’ and bought chocolate eggs!
Apply for jobs. GO! Hmm. I applied for two jobs. Not so great.
To list unwanted things on ebay YES! Kerching.
To write as much as I possibly can – really push myself to write for all the websites that I’m in touch with I have been writing more, especially on this blog, but really need to push myself.
Buy a few staple summer pieces I’ve bought a few things which should last me through to autumn, and can be layered for winter.
– SaveSaveSave! No. But it’s been a bit of a crazy month.
– Buy a few decent pairs of shoes. This means no Primark – something which will LAST! Nope. But I have my new boots which I’m super happy with!
Go to the cinema more. I bought Mr T and I membership to the Duke of York, so I want to start making the most of that. We have been to the cinema once this month, and have more plans as some brilliant new films are being released soon!

I also listed all of the things which I wanted on ebay, and am being mindful with my money. I have been doing overtime every single day to add some extra pennies to the America Fund, and will continue to sort through drawers and bags to find more things to sell on ebay. I’m a little addicted to buying things on ebay though, which is the only downfall haha! But the things which I’ve been looking at are either items which I’ve been wanting for ages, or items which are a tenth of the price they are brand new!

May Goals:

  • Save money!!
  • Organise my life
  • Apply for jobs
  • Book the cattery, hotels and a few more other things for the America Trip
  • Eat healthier, exercise more
  • Send more letters
  • Sell a few more things on ebay
  • Write! Write! Write!
  • Be more creative in the evening, rather than just being an avid blog-reader and twitter refresher

May is going to be a difficult month. It will see the closure of the office that I’ve worked in for 18 months, and I will be moved to a new office. I’m not really sure how I feel about this; location-wise it is closer to my home, which means cat cuddles at lunchtime, and it means a more sociable environment in terms of location. I miss knowing my local coffee shop owner and buying my lunch from a friendly face. The number of staff will be drastically less, and this I’m not looking forward to at all. We have a brilliant team moving to the new office but there are a lot of awesome faces that I will miss.
In brighter news May is my sister’s birthday, and my Grandad’s birthday, and me + Mr T have a lot of gig tickets purchased for this month as well. There’s the new American Pie: The Re-Union movie coming out! Plus we’re hosting a Eurovision Party, where I will be flying the flag for Greece. This will mainly involve eating a lot of houmous and drinking ouzo.

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  1. April 30, 2012 1:59 pm

    Hope May is really great for you. I can imagine it being tough with your work stuff but it sounds like going to some fun gigs will help lift your spirits!

  2. May 13, 2012 12:17 pm

    I love your breakkie pic :-) Lets hope May brings lots of great things with it :-) xx


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