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Day 18 – Opening Gifts

December 18, 2012

Well, when we’re at my parents house we get up and rush straight down stairs in our jim-jams. We wait until everyone has woken up, then we hand out our presents . We take it in turns – so for example, I will give all of my presents out to everyone, and then my parents will give out their presents for everyone, then my sister will give out her presents to everyone etc. When we’re at Trout’s family’s home, we have to be up and dressed before presents and then we give them out one by one, so that everyone can see what you’ve given and received. After presents, at my house, we all sit round and sip bucksfizz and eat croissants and fruit salad. It’s a new tradition which I’m quite enjoying! Then we all get dressed and sit around watching Christmas films and chatting. We then have Christmas Tree presents after dinner in the evening, which is a family tradition in place of stockings, which we never had.

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