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What I Ate Wednesday – Mixing my days up!

June 12, 2013

Happy What I Ate Wednesday! How is everyone’s week going? Hope it’s been super fun and filled with great meals and snacks. As per usual the days seem to fly by for me, which I think is a combination of being quite busy at work and my determination to fit too many things into my evenings! Not that I’m complaining – plus we’re almost at the weekend, hurrah! So, let’s get on with it. This week my meals are a combination of Friday and Sunday, as I didn’t manage to photograph an entire day’s food. I’ve noticed that I rarely snack at the weekends – not even fruit, which is usually my staple afternoon snack during the week. I also have a bad habit of hunting down something to snack on when I get home from work – the thought of waiting another hour and a half convinces me that I need something to tide me over, which is rarely needed but oh well!

For brekka on Sunday I started the day with a slice of seeded toast, which I rubbed with garlic and topped with diced tomatoes and a sprinkling of smoked salt. Delish! With a big mug of coffee, of course.

For lunch on Sunday I made a mixture of salads, with slices of pitta bread to dip in the houmous. I had tabouleh and beetroot coleslaw on a bed of shredded lettuce, plus a handful of tortilla chips and a pint of water.

The whole day was really chilled out – I caught up with laundry, did some reading, read a whole bunch of blogs and hung out with Trout and Rasputin. In the evening we had a couple of friends over for dinner, which was so lovely. I never really photograph our dinner parties – partly because I find it a little awkward (both for me and my guests!) and partly because I’m too busy enjoying catching up with everyone and looking forward to Trout’s cooking! He really surpassed himself this time – we had dahl, a chana masala cooked in tea, chat, home-made chappatis, deep fried potato balls and a carrot and coriander salad. Gee whizz it was good! But sorry, I have no photos of all that so I’m going to mix it up with our dinner from Friday. This is one of our favourites – a beautiful mushroom risotto, topped it with grilled asparagus and a slice of garlic bread on the side. So delicious! We enjoyed this with a couple of glasses of chilled white wine. The perfect Friday night meal! I’m very lucky to have such an amazing cook for a boyfriend – I promise that I do cook occasionally, but come on – look at what I’m up against! I simply can’t compete.

How has your week been? Any foodie highlights?
Do you and your partner share the cooking?

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  1. June 12, 2013 10:39 am

    I made a mushroom risotto Saturday, took lots of piccies in the hope of posting about it (something very different to me) but it tasted bloody awful! Safe to say yours looks, and quite obviously tasted, a lot better than mine did!! xx

    • June 12, 2013 2:05 pm

      Oh no!! My favourite way of cooking risotto is plenty of stock and white wine. We also use truffle oil on top!

  2. June 12, 2013 1:50 pm

    Your description sounds wonderful I wish I could see it! And your risotto looks incredible, if only it had no mushrooms :)

    • June 12, 2013 2:05 pm

      I will post one photo on Friday from the meal, but I didn’t photograph anything else! I love butternut squash risotto – sometimes it’s even better than mushroom!

  3. June 12, 2013 1:52 pm

    Your risotto lookes lovely. I haven’t had one in so long!

  4. June 12, 2013 9:05 pm

    I had risotto the other day! I love the look of your lunch too xo

  5. June 13, 2013 1:51 pm

    Ha, James can just about cook a baked potato! Trout sounds like an amazing cook! I have to admit that I probably like that the kitchen is my domain alone ;-)

    • June 14, 2013 9:38 am

      Yeah Trout definitely has control of the kitchen at dinner time – though occasionally I do get a look in!

  6. June 13, 2013 6:20 pm

    Love the mish mash look of your salads, hummus and chips!

    And that risotto turned out fantastic in your photos. Glad dinner party went well :)

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