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Thankful for bananas and avocados and a few other things.

December 19, 2013

We’re really lucky to have such a great view from our flat. We can see the sea and the wheel from our bedroom window, and I can watch the sunrise from our lounge, while I’m relaxing in the morning before work. Occasionally you get really lucky and can see the most amazing displays of colour, spreading across the sky in different shades.

This photo of Rasputin makes me laugh. It’s not the best, but it totally sums up his start to the day – relaxing on his favourite spot, the windowsill, with his paws on the radiator to make them toasty and warm, and with a slightly miffed expression as he is being disturbed by me and my camera and the breakfast news and the kettle.

I’ve had a couple of days off this week to use up my annual leave before the end of the year, so this morning I woke up early and made Trout and I a special breakfast. Not only did it use up ingredients lurking in the fridge, and an avocado that was dangerously on the verge of being thrown away due to its mushyness (in fact, it was perfect when I sliced into it. Thank you avocado! You were the icing on our breakfast), it was really nice to spend some time together before the day started. We spend most of that time passing each other by, him coming downstairs for breakfast just as I’m going upstairs to finish getting ready, and then the other way around as he finishes getting ready and I’m heading out the door.

This weekend we’re off to visit the Eden Project, I’m so excited! We decided to plan a long weekend away together before Christmas, and even though I’m in work on Monday, it feels like a great way to start the Christmas break. I’ve baked a loaf of banana and walnut cake to bring with us, so that we have something to eat for breakfast on Saturday morning. It’s one of the recipes from Ms. Cupcake’s amazing cookery book, with the chocolate chips removed. Don’t tell her, I’m sure she wouldn’t approve! I didn’t want the loaf to be too sweet as neither of us like a particularly sweet start to the day (especially Trout!). I had a couple of bananas getting browner and browner, which is why I wanted to make this recipe – I love using up fruit and veg that might otherwise end up in the bin.

I didn’t whip the bananas up into a total mush, I wanted some chunks of banana to melt through the loaf. Look at the gooeyness! That end slice may have already disappeared somewhere.

Tonight is Christmas party #3, this time with a company that I do freelance work for. It’ll be nice to meet other freelancers that work for them, as well as people that work internally for the company. Then tomorrow is Christmas party #4 with my company. So many parties, and plenty of great food. I feel so spoilt this Christmas!

Each day I am so thankful for the place that I’m in right now. I can’t quite believe how different everything was just one single year ago. So much has changed, and it kind of makes my head spin all the time at the moment. I know that for so many people the life that I have now probably seems nothing special, or that there are people doing way more awesome things than I am, earning way more than I am (and probably will ever earn) but you know what? I can’t remember a time when I’ve ever been happier. And that feels like a pretty darn strange thing to write down.

How is your run-up to Christmas going, do you have any plans? Any presents left to buy?

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  1. December 19, 2013 6:13 pm

    Merry Christmas! I enjoyed reading your happiness.

  2. December 20, 2013 8:19 am

    Hope you have a great time at the Eden Project! I have Christmas Party number 3 tonight as well, it’s a pop up event with local food and drink businesses and lots of funk and soul music, suffice to say I can’t wait!

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