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Photos of the Week #10

March 11, 2014


In my preparations for Istanbul I met Oz, from the wonderful Sultans Delights, for coffee and she told me all of the places we should visit and which foods were vegan-friendly. It got me so excited! Here are a few snaps from our trip, but I’ll be putting together a proper blog post this week.//I love this shot of Rasputin waiting patiently (ahem…) for his brekka in the morning.


Last week one of the clients we’ve been working with quite closely held an event at BT Tower. It was my first time up the Tower and the view was pretty spectacular! Although I did almost fall over when it started moving, much to the amusement of those around me.//This is our classic airport breakfast; two portions of beans, two portions of toast, coffee and orange juice. The perfect start to our holiday!


As soon as we arrived in Istanbul we dumped our bags at the hotel and got going. One of the first places we visited was The Basilica Cistern. It was absolutely stunning. The perfect start to the weekend. There are concerts there on some evenings, which I can only imagine are nothing short of spectacular. Afterwards we walked around for a few hours before sitting down to dinner, and at one point we almost walked into some kind of military base, which was fun. The guard dogs didn’t think much of us. In front of it was an outdoor gym, it was quite bizarre. Anyway, it was super fun to mess around on – especially as some of the equipment only worked when you were both on it.//The next day we visited Topkapı Palace, and in front of it we found a simil cart and had our first taste of this Turkish bagel. It was really good! They offer them with nutella or cream cheese but our plain one was just right.


While we were in the Taksim Square area we bumped into a protest, but it was very peaceful – even if the streets were filled with riot police and vans with water cannons built into the roofs. This retro tram was stuck behind them, unable to get any further down the line. Earlier in the day, when we visited Tophapi Palace, I found this mosaic – it looked like it was made of kidney beans, it was kind of cute and kind of strange. We visited Hagia Sophia on Sunday and found a beautiful chandelier  inside.

That’s a brief round-up of our trip – I’ll be posting more photographs and details of where we went and what we ate later in the week. I’ll also be announcing the winner of my little giveaway – thanks so much to everyone that entered!

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  1. March 11, 2014 10:07 am

    Brilliant photos – Istanbul looks beautiful, Definitely on my list of places to visit someday.

    • March 14, 2014 8:07 am

      Thanks lovely – I’ve got a full write-up of my blog, hope it inspires you to go! x

  2. March 11, 2014 4:19 pm

    Isn’t that Basilica Cistern stunning?! it was one of the true highlights of our time in Istanbul.

  3. March 11, 2014 6:54 pm

    Looking forward to your Istanbul post, it’s somewhere I’ve always wanted to visit. My cousin stayed there for a few months last year, I wish I’d went to visit her!

  4. Aja permalink
    March 12, 2014 2:37 am

    Beautiful photos! I thought that was a giant round soft pretzel. I’ve got junk food on the brain.


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