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A weekend in London & Brighton

March 26, 2014

Last weekend was filled with friends and food. Can there be any better kind of weekend? Here’s a few pics from what I got up to. I’ll start with Saturday, because it was pretty darn good. What day isn’t good when you wake up next to your two favourite boys, and then pick up your favourite coffee on the way to the station? I spent the day in London with two more of my favourite people, catching up and eating a lot of food. Isn’t that the best way to catch up? It was a day full of favourites, and we were so lucky with the weather! Lovely sunshine for pretty much the whole day.

Oh, Small Batch. Swoon.

Oh, hi ladies!

We started off the day by visiting Borough Market. It’s such a fun place to go, with loads of vegan-friendly stalls. I wanted to buy so many things, but it was too early in the day to be carrying around cupcakes and popping candy brownies and what-not. We visited a chilli stand and tried their hottest sauce, and the guy was so impressed he allowed us to become part of the Asian Brotherhood, which we quickly changed to Sisterhood, fist pumped and walked away.

There was the most amazing cabinet of vinegars and oils – it was so beautiful, and I’m sure everything tasted so good.

So much colour! Lovely fresh juice – and only £2 a cup! The stall also sold hot apple juice, which I’m still regretting not buying. I used to love mulled cider, and I’m sure this would have been wonderful.

Hanging out with celebs on the tube. (Adam Handling from Masterchef the Professionals. A celebrity to us – but not as much as to this woman, who flapped more than I’ve ever seen anyone flap before, and asked to have her picture taken with him. Aww.)


And then the food began! Pizza at Franco Manca, and something sweet at Cakes ‘n’ Treats.

It was so nice catching up with these two girls, in one of my favourite cities. I haven’t been to Brixton Market in about four years, and I couldn’t believe how much it’s changed. There are so many beautiful cafes and shops, I wanted to pop in and buy something in every one! I wander what the locals think about all of this change. I remember when I first started visiting Brixton, and Rosie’s Cafe was the spot of sunshine inside the market. Now it’s one of so many! Anyway, the pizza was incredible. You should definitely visit. And get the lemonade.

We wandered through the market and popped into the odd shop or two, before making our way to Camden. We were in search of cake so went straight to Cookies and Scream, but they had hardly anything left, and a queue of people waiting to buy. Giving up, we headed to Inspiral, but it’s just so expensive for a slice of mediocre cheesecake, and not what we were in the mood for. Plus the coffee is pretty bad. But it does have canal-side seating! Giving up again we made our way to Cakes ‘n’ Treats. I hadn’t heard very good reviews of this place, but we fancied some cake and somewhere to sit down and relax, and for those reasons it fit the bill. It was pretty good – better than I was expecting. We had a snickers bar, a pina colada cupcake and a whoopie pie, and they all tasted good. The snickers was pretty incredible, and I’m so sad they had sold out and I couldn’t take any home with me! The whoopie pie and cupcake weren’t filled/topped with frosting, but with whipped cream, which was quite strange. It made them lighter and less sweet, but I am a huge fan of frosting and the wobbly white swirl just didn’t cut it for me. I’d go back, though – the burgers looked really good, and I would definitely turn up earlier and snag a few of those snickers bars! I brought a slice of chocolate and pear pie home for Trout, which was alright. It was basically chocolate flavoured tofu. I’ve made better at home – which is why I was mostly disappointed by what was on offer.

While we were debating whether or not to go to Inspiral, we hung out with this guy and his parrot.

After we had filled up on cake, and taken so many selfies it was getting ridiculous – but really, you try to take a picture of three women and not argue about which photo you look the worst in. Or which one you’re flashing half your bewbs in. Or your eyes aren’t open enough. Or which one isn’t looking at the camera – it was time to think of the next plan of action. The Shard! Off we trotted to grab a drink, but it seems that we were not the only ones who thought that this would also be a good plan – in fact, many, many other people had also had the same idea, and they had come prepared with fancy dresses and heels. Which we did not. So we settled with this cute cafe round the corner, run by the sweetest old (Italian?) couple who almost refused to serve us non-alcoholic beverages, and instead I got a soya latte in a builders mug. It was charming. Sadly that was the end of our date. I hate goodbyes, especially when you’re at the station and there are people buzzing backwards and forwards and getting annoyed at you for daring to stop for a moment to move out of the way and they are whacking you with their oyster card and gosh can’t we all just stop for a second and realise that none of these things really matter in the end? Oh well. Goodbyes are rough, even if they are with people who only live an hour away. How sad is that?

On Sunday morning we woke up bright and early and headed downstairs for juice and coffee, before popping back into bed to watch another episode of Luther. That series is SO. GOOD. While we were on our way to the kitchen we noticed this amazing light pouring through the window. Perfect snogging opportunity. Plus hi Ras’ beady eye at the bottom! What a family portrait.

^ Cheeky Ras

I spent the rest of the morning cleaning. Cleaning cleaning cleaning. And then I got washed up and we met a friend for a roast. Perfect Sunday meal! This was so good. I’ve never been to the Sussex Yeoman before, but heard such great things about their food, and it totally lived up to my expectations. Their vegan option changes regularly, and today we had a sweet potato and almond roast, with all of the trimmings. Parsnip crisps! Swoon.

Then it was onto some food shopping before heading home and getting on with more cleaning. Oh what a glamorous life I lead…

So that was my weekend! The perfect combination of relaxing, getting stuff done, catching up with friends and spending time with Trout. The evening was mostly spent watching some of our favourite programmes; another episode of Luther, and Louis Theroux’s new series. It was on stray dogs and I was welling up for most of the programme :(

How was your weekend? Have you been to any of these places before?


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  1. March 26, 2014 2:33 pm

    Sounds like a fabulous and fun filled weekend! :-)

  2. March 27, 2014 3:28 pm

    That sounds like such a great weekend! The roast sounds so good as well. I’m off to London at the end of next week, really looking forward to it :-)

  3. Aja permalink
    March 27, 2014 7:37 pm

    That sounds like such a great weekend! One day I will get to go to all of these places you go to.

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