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Photos of the Week #17

April 29, 2014

WEEK 17 OF 52


On Wednesday evening Trout and I had a little date night; burgers at The Prince George, a vegetarian pub in The Laines, followed by a gig at The Komedia. It was one of the best, and strangest, gigs that I’d been to in a long time. The music was amazing. I’m always stunned when people have so much courage – like standing up and singing without their backing band, without any other music – just their voice. The first band -Buriers – were almost like spoken poetry over a cello, guitar and drums. Really good. Micah P Hinson, the main act, was amazing. He’s a strange chap, and during his set someone got thrown out of the venue. He sang a few songs with his wife. It was wonderful.


A new breakfast, as part of a campaign I’m working on with Alpro, called Alpro Tops. More details coming shortly!//I’m working my way through the 9bar Breakfast bars I was sent – this one was peanut & raisin, and was particularly delicious.//An awesome post-gym salad. I love chucking random salad bits and pieces together. I’m a little too addicted to fruity couscous at the moment – and a jar of red onion chutney. So good.//Pasta bake! Trout’s totally converted me.

Finally, my alternative office for the day. I had a big freelance project to work on over the weekend, and Trout had loads to catch up on too, so we worked at his office so that we could at least spend some of the day together. This used to be my office, but what with their new desk arrangement and the awesome mural they’ve painted onto the wall, it’s completely different.

So, that’s what I got up to last week. It was a fairly quiet week for us, and an especially quiet weekend, which was nice. We mostly just spent time relaxing together, watching a ton of Louis Theroux The Office US episodes. Perfect.

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  1. April 29, 2014 7:31 pm

    Love that mural, I think having a fun place to work like that can make a big difference!

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