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A little morning ramble

June 8, 2014

How pretty is this photograph? Trout took it last weekend with a lens that his brother gave him for his birthday. It’s so beautiful, I can’t wait to play around with it. In fact, I might bring it to the photography workshop that I’m off to this morning. I’m really excited to learn new techniques and better my photography, and of course I’ll be posting up a few snaps afterwards. The event is using the hashtag #lightscameracurrys, so feel free to follow along! I’m sure we’ll all be tweeting away. There are a whole host of Brighton bloggers going – more than I knew even existed in Brighton! – so it will be nice to meet them all. Afterwards I’ve got plans for an afternoon on the beach – the weather is meant to be beautiful, so fingers crossed I might be lucky and get a bit of a tan.

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately – what else is new…! – especially after my little Life Dump a couple of weeks ago. When it comes to striving for a balanced life, that’s filled with all of the things that I want to do, I really need to do just that. Think of myself. I’m kind of terrible at doing that – I’m always feeling guilty that I’m not spending enough time with Trout, feeling guilty that I’m not watching all of the films that I want to watch, feeling guilty for still not finishing that book. I’m really trying to make changes from the inside – and realise that it’s OK to spend a few hours doing what I need to do (freelance work, blogging etc.) and that I don’t need to watch every single amazing movie that has ever been made. I do need to spend some evenings doing nothing, and I do need to go to sleep early when my body is clearly tired. It’s OK to sit and do nothing every so often, it’s OK to not blog every other day, it’s OK to leave work only 30 minutes later than I’m meant to, and it’s OK to occasionally take lunch breaks. I think a part of me associates being successful with being busy – but really, shouldn’t success be measured in completed projects, deadlines met and an amazing outcome? I realised that lately I had been leaving work quite late (7pm, 8pm) and only left ‘on time’ when I had to – the days that I volunteer with a souprun, or the days when I go to the gym. And even on these days I’m busy and moving until around 9pm. This isn’t really good for you, as I found out three weeks ago. So the past week I’ve been making a conscious effort to leave work by 6pm at the latest, to leave the office at lunchtime – even if it’s only for 15 minutes – and to spend my evenings away from the computer and doing something that I enjoy. I leave my freelance work until the weekend, and I treat myself a little gentler and kinder. That old saying still rings true – if you spoke to someone else the way that you speak to yourself, you would have no friends at all. Sigh. When will I learn that?

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  1. June 8, 2014 2:01 pm

    ” shouldn’t success be measured in completed projects, deadlines met and an amazing outcome” – this is so true. And also, good around health is also measured not only in good food, good physical health (like going to the gym), but in also treating yourself well, and in treating yourself well you need REST and YOU TIME, that is 100% important <3

    • June 9, 2014 9:03 pm

      You are wise little one. A rounded person is a successful and healthy person :)

  2. June 8, 2014 2:49 pm

    You’ve hit the nail on the head there, I’ve got a blog post in draft all about ‘success’ – I was very much the same and has started to think of measuring my success on things that I believed other people had success from without even thinking about whether or not those things made me happy, being busy all the time being one. It was refreshing to realise just how successful I am against my own goals and things I want in life rather than worrying about other things :-)

    • June 9, 2014 9:05 pm

      Ooh I look forward to your blog post! It’s hard not to do it in so many instances – that person is running for longer than you, they’re working out on a different difficulty setting, that person has gotten further in their career etc. etc. Ugh. And for every person you’re envying, they’re envying another person in the same way. Definitely time to just focus on ourselves!


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