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Weekend Weddings

July 10, 2014

I’m definitely getting to that age. The age when every weekend seems to be a 30th (+) birthday, an engagement party or a wedding. We’re not quite at the baby-stage but we’re definitely all growing up. I don’t find it particularly scary – it’s not happening to me, after all! And when weddings are as relaxed as the one we went to at the weekend, it definitely makes the whole committing-forever-til-death-amen thing much more inviting.

We were invited to the reception of our friend’s Jam & Julia’s wedding, just outside of Brighton. I loved how simple everything was; bunting and flowers decorated the venue – and that lightbox sign! Brilliant.

Got to love awkward first-dances. Especially when we were given strict instructions that when she gave the nod after 30-seconds everyone had to start dancing too. There was a lot of vigorous threatening nodding going on. And yep, the groom wore shorts and vans. I told you this was a good wedding.

This is probably my favourite bit of the venue. Not just because that’s a table heaving with entirely vegan cake (apart from the one with the sign on), but the lettered bunting is brilliant. I ate so much cake! Well, more specifically I ate a lot of rocky road bars. And a chocolate peanut butter cupcake! Swoon. Their close friends baked the cakes, the groom baked an amazing rainbow cake and there were so many cake disaster stories that it made you want to cry into the crumbs, but it all worked out in the end. The end being my belly, mostly.

We danced. A lot. To 90s pop music, Taylor Swift, 90s pop punk, noughties hardcore – it was brilliant. After a lot of dancing, and a few trips to the cheap bar, one of us finally asked what was happening about food. Apparently there were hotdogs in the kitchen, so a friend marched in and started making round after round of vegan hotdogs. The champagne-fuelled groom came out with a tray for us and, as you can tell, we were more than happy. At almost 11pm we stood and ate hotdogs and danced to Less than Jake and Eternal.

So basically, the moral of the story is that you really shouldn’t be scared of getting married or organising a wedding, because it can be as simple as hiring a village hall, getting your friends and family to bake cakes, make your own homemade grapefruit vodka, have a nap in the middle of your reception, top up your own champagne flute regularly, ignore tradition and walk your bride down the aisle and wear whatever the flip you like. As for us, all we’ve got as far as deciding is that we’re really not sure if it’s for us in general, that possibly we’ll just have a massive party, all the alcohol will be free, there will be a photobooth and polaroids and we’ll have some kind of food truck/street food served. How about you guys? If you’re married, would you do anything different? If you’re not, what ideas do you have?


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  1. Aja permalink
    July 11, 2014 12:37 am

    I love the decorations! That looks like such a fun wedding!

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