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Vegan Life magazine

August 7, 2014

I’m really excited to introduce a new vegan magazine that I’ve been in touch with over the past few months, which will be launching in September! Vegan Life is a lifestyle magazine that covers all aspects of veganism; clothing and accessories, cleaning products, cosmetics, activism, product reviews and celebs that are living a vegan lifestyle. You might remember the blog post I wrote a couple of months ago on the vegan beauty products I’ve been trying out? I’m still experimenting with different brands, so am really excited to read reviews of cruelty-free products that I haven’t heard of before. Even though I’ve been vegan for nine years there’s still so much changing every day – new products to try, new clothing to buy and new recipes to experiment with. The key idea behind Vegan Life magazine is to promote veganism as an accessible, easy way of life – which is exactly what it is!

Vegan Life will be available in both a print and digital format, and you can find a sneaky peek of what the magazine will look like here:

Subscription packages can be found here, and you can choose from a one year, two year and three year subscription. If you sign up by the 16th October you’ll also receive this cracking free gift! I’ve kindly been set up with a bloggers profile on the Vegan Life website – and you can check out the other bloggers here. Make sure you’re following Vegan Life on Twitter and Facebook!

You’ll find Vegan Life magazine in WHSmith, Tesco and other independent wholefood outlets, as well as available online.

Do you think you would find a magazine like Vegan Life useful?
Are there any aspects of being vegan that you think should be addressed?


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