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Vegan Life Magazine | Issue One

August 21, 2014

As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, I’ve been chatting to the folks behind Vegan Life magazine for a few months ahead of their launch date. I was so excited when the first issue finally went live in the App Store a few days ago, and I could scroll through the pages! I think I’ll pick up a printed copy, too – there’s nothing quite like turning those pages in your hand and tearing out bits and pieces that you want to keep. I’ve got a little folder at home filled with pages that I’ve torn out of one of my favourite supplements, Observer Food Monthly – and I can see articles from Vegan Life joining them. It’s out today, so I’ll be popping out shortly.

Here are a few screen-grabs from the downloaded magazine – you can pick up a copy yourself by searching ‘Vegan Life Magazine’ in the App Store and downloading it for a mere £1.99, or £9.99 for six issues. If you download it, let me know what you think!

Of course, some of my favourite pieces are the recipes and delicious food photography. Look how good they look! I was also really interested to read about the vegan options at Las Iguanas. I thought that they might have some vegan-friendly food, what with it being mexican-inspired, but had never looked into it. It’s great to see so many highstreet chains taking note. I generally avoid them if I have to, especially living in Brighton as there are so many wonderful local independent restaurants, but when you’re travelling or eating out as a group it’s nice to know that there are options that cater for everyone.



One of the articles that really struck a chord was a debate on eating eggs. It’s a question that I get every so often, so have thought about it quite a bit, but still haven’t really made up my mind. I can see both sides of the arguement – in this case, the ‘pro’ writer argued that hens lay eggs naturally, so in a wholesome environment there’s no reason not to eat them. Which I do agree with (let’s put aside how disgusting an egg is really, if you think about it…). The ‘anti’ side of the arguement is partly based on the fact that vegans do not eat or wear anything from an animal. Another side to the arguement is based on the problem that vegetarians seem to have found themselves in, thanks to those that choose to eat fish. You see a lot of restaurants listing meals that contain fish as vegetarian – which also causes problems for vegans, too. I can’t help but think that this side of the arguement – although valid – doesn’t really come under ethics, but more convenience. For me, I personally wouldn’t eat eggs. I’ve gone so long without them that I don’t miss them. I can replace them in almost every form – and I can’t say that I particularly miss the things that I can’t! I don’t need them in cakes, I can go without egg fried rice, and I don’t need to drink them whole, Gaston-style, for protein.

What do you think? Are you vegan, and would you eat eggs from ‘Happy Hens’?
Have you downloaded Vegan Life magazine? What did you think?

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