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Photos of the Week #42

October 14, 2014

WEEK 42 OF 52

Eek is it really only ten weeks until the end of the year?! Or have I completely messed up my calculations… either way, I can almost smell Christmas, and that’s the main thing. This week was absolutely jam packed, which was pretty awesome. I always savour those evenings when it’s just the three of us, relaxing together – because sometimes it feels like they are few and far between. Not that I’m complaining! I just really like being lazy with these two ;)


Shall we start with food? Ok, how about PIZZA! From my favourite place, Pizzaface. On Mondays + Tuesdays they have a vegan specials menu, so we usually end up ordering on those days to make the most of them. The left slice is The Moby – chorizo, smoked sausage, marinated pepper, red onion and sour cream, and on the right is the Funghi pizza – field, shiitake, chestnut and oyster mushrooms topped with garlic, thyme and truffle oil. We also ordered garlic bread with cheese. All vegan, and all amazing.//


One mischievous munchkin at the end of my bed, waiting to pounce.//Soaking up snuggles on my day off with whiskerface.//


A pretty good way to spend my day off; the Sex and the City movie and a lunch date with Trout at Street Diner to eat a box full of food from Sultans Delights. It’s so good! And just FYI, don’t watch the SATC movie when you’re on your period. I seriously cried about 17 times. By the end of it I don’t think there was even a gap between cries. Weird. Obviously The Bridge scene really kicked it all off.//


A super quick meal during the week; lime and coriander rice and BBQ spiced peppers with shredded lettuce and wraps, plus tortilla chips and guacamole on the side. Fifteen minutes, not too shabby. Who needs Jamie Oliver ;) //After a busy long weekend  it was lovely to lie on the sofa on Sunday evening with Trout, eat ‘cheese’ toasties and watch a documentary on Russian prisons. My goodness, they are a harsh place to end up.//

We were in London on Saturday to see War Horse, and afterwards we popped to Mildreds for dinner. It’s one of my favourite restaurants, but we haven’t been for so long. I cannot resist a burger when it’s on the menu, and theirs never disappoints, and is ever-changing so you never end up with the same meal. Plus the basil mayo is SO.GOOD. We shared the artichoke crostini to start, which was absolutely amazing; warm melty artichoke, crisp bread, basil mayo and salad. Oh my! And I finally got to try the chocolate peanut butter brownie. Holy crap was it delicious. Trout had the passionfruit mousse cake which was also amazing; perfect if you’re looking for a light end to a meal (which I never am, but more often than not I should be. I spent the rest of the journey home complaining about how full I was).//


So that was my rather busy (and expensive!) weekend. It was great to be in London, and to spend time with Trout’s family on the Sunday. His cousin made us some vegan chocolate brownies, and his aunt made the best curry. I really should have asked for the recipes because they really were so good. Two brownies in two days, too! That’s the mark of a good weekend, right there.

Have you been to see Warhorse, or eaten at Mildreds?
What are your guilty secret pleasures when you’ve got a day off?

All photos taken on my iPhone.
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4 Comments leave one →
  1. October 22, 2014 10:00 pm

    Warhorse and dinner at Mildred’s sounds like a perfect evening. I saw Warhorse years ago and loved it but actually haven’t been to Mildred’s forever. It’s always so busy when I try and get in that we usually end up going elsewhere. Seeing your meals definitely makes me want to go back though!
    Love that wooden dish your Mexi meal is in by the way. Where from?

    • November 9, 2014 3:58 pm

      It was a gift so I’m not sure where it’s from, sorry! Possibly Lakeland? Go back to Mildreds, it’s worth the wait!

  2. November 2, 2014 10:13 pm

    Ohhh so much nice food :P I really want to try Mildred’s!! :)

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