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Vegan Life magazine | Issue Two

October 26, 2014

You might remember me mentioning Vegan Life magazine at the end of August? Well, it’s already time for Issue 2! As I did last time, here are a few of my favourite articles in this issue.

Fashion! I like to think I’m fairly clued up with vegan brands, but this one is new to me, and I am already saving my pennies to pick up the pieces I’ve got my eye on. It’s great to see so many fantastic brands creating clothing, shoes and accessories that are cruelty-free and ethically made. Oh – and they look GOOD! It’s a rarity, trust me.

My skin has been going absolutely bonkers lately, and it’s driving me nuts. I know that really the reason is that I’m just eating too much sugar; from bread to ice-cream, sweets to gingerbread porridge – it’s all to blame, I’m sure. But I just love these things too much! This article helped a lot. Oh, and looking younger? Definitely down to a vegan diet ;) I usually get my age guessed at around 21-25 (although last Christmas I got 16… I didn’t take that as much of a compliment) when in fact I’m 30 next year. I kind of really hate it when people can’t believe I’m 29, but I know I should see it as a compliment. I guess I just associate being younger with not knowing what the hell I’m doing – especially when I’m at work. Am I mad?! I’m sure I’ll be grateful if it continues on as I grow old. Saying that, I do have the start of laughter lines, and my forehead is definitely showing signs of a Gordon Ramsey situation happening, which is unfortunate, as I definitely can’t grow a fringe.


Cheese! I’ve made one cheese recipe before, and was really impressed with it, so will definitely be experimenting with a couple of these recipes.

Finally, CHRISTMAS! Oh, I can’t wait. I love everything about Christmas, and every time I see a decoration, recipe or pot of glitter I get a little stomach-flip of excitement. CHRISTMAS!!

So, there are my top pics for the latest issue. Check out their website for details on how to buy a copy – I definitely recommend catching up with both issues, as I’ve personally found them really lovely to read and save for later.

Did you pick up Issue 1? Any favourite articles?
Will you be picking up Issue 2?

Vegan Life magazine kindly gifted me this issue, however all views are my own. Especially the bit about my LOVE FOR CHRISTMAS.

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