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Things I do while Trout is away

November 7, 2014

photo taken by my lovely friend, Rosie

You can’t really tell, but the photo above is of one of Tracey Emin’s new pieces in the White Cube gallery, and it says, ‘Your absence only makes me love you more‘. I found it really fitting, as I went to see it right at the half-way point of Trout being away.

I always think I’ll be really productive when I’ve got some time to myself. As it turns out, I’m not! Here’s the extent of what life has been like since he left me for America:

  • Going to bed wearing a hoodie (hood pulled up) because I am so cold, but refuse to put the heating on
  • Cooking a grand total of zero meals for myself. I’m actually a little ashamed of this – I’m so lazy when it’s just me, and when I don’t get home until 8/9pm, I can’t be arsed. I’ve mostly eaten hotdogs and my Graze b0x. Apart from one magical evening when I found a tub of peanut butter curry in the freezer, and devoured that with couscous and broccoli. To be fair – I made the curry in the first place, so technically I cooked. I just didn’t eat it right away
  • Spending far too much time on my phone. Again, I thought I would be way more productive but instead I end up getting lost in Instagram and reading articles and blogs and oh well
  • Going to bed alone is way worse than waking up alone. In the morning I tend to be a bit bleary-eyed or faced with either Rasputin’s face or bottom, so drag myself out of bed as soon as possible, whereas in the evening there’s no kind of, ‘let’s go to bed now’ moment that we have together. The evening just kind of drags (apart from when I get lost in my phone…)
  • I can’t watch any kind of remotely scary programmes, documentaries or films. Which is a bit rubbish because it’s pretty much my favourite genre to watch – but it’s too dangerous. I wouldn’t be able to go upstairs/the loo/look under the bed/storage cupboard alone if I did.

Saying all of that though, I spent two days in London which I normally save for when we’re both going up to the city, so that was really nice – especially as I got to go to a few galleries. It’s been nice to be really busy, as well – and to catch up with friends over the best pizza in London. I’ll post up some photos next week of my second London day, which included a day of coffee and galleries. Is there any better kind of day?

Are you any different when you’ve got the house to yourself? Does it make a difference whether it’s one night or ten?

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  1. Aja permalink
    November 8, 2014 10:42 pm

    I resonate with all of this. Whenever the Actor is gone all of those things are true for me. Every single one. It also doesn’t matter how many nights it is.

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