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Trout’s back, alright!*

November 13, 2014

Trout’s back! Trout’s back! He came home early (really early – 2am early) on Wednesday morning, and I’m so happy to have him back. And not just because he brought back with him a ton of treats. There is Daiya in my fridge! There are a pile of various sweet bars like Clif and Builders bars in flavours that you can’t get round here (you probably can online – or on iHerb at least), as well as a box of cookies from Whole Foods! Oh my, these are so good.

When he came home in those early hours we stood in the kitchen eating cookies and vegan wotsits and it was just the best. Standing there in my pyjamas and hoodie (covered in toothpaste) and him looking pristine even though he had been travelling for something like 14hrs, surrounded by all the snacks he had brought home with him, it was the perfect way to welcome him back. Ras was pretty excited too, running up the stairs and down the stairs and stopping by his suitcase and running up the stairs over and over. What a pickle.

Now I just can’t wait until the weekend! I’m not planning anything (well, not exactly true, I’m planning on catching up with all the episodes of Masterchef and The Apprentice that we’ve missed) and fully intend to spend the whole weekend in my pjs, other than maybe venturing out for a walk in the countryside on Sunday. Hopefully it will include some kind of pub grub! What do you have planned?


*I hope everyone got the Backstreet Boy’s reference.

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  1. November 13, 2014 9:41 pm

    Yay! And I did get the reference. :)

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