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Photos of the Week #47 and #48

December 3, 2014

WEEKS 47 AND 48 OF 52

As I left for Barcelona last Monday (you can see photos from my trip here), I decided to group the past couple of weeks together. Here’s what I got up to before and after my little trip away.

^^Giving these shoes a second chance. They’re so fun, but the one and only time I’ve worn them they cut up my ankles really bad so we haven’t spoken since then. Thankfully the second time around they were OK – a little sore, but you just can’t let your shoes win.^^

^^An early morning start before heading up to London for the Digital Marketing Show. I decided to fill up as I didn’t know what vegan options there would be for lunch, and had an entire tub of Coyo, topped with Lizi’s granola, ground flax and chia seeds and some dried fruit and nuts. I was stuffed!^^

^^An amazing meal, courtesy of Trout. A rice bowl topped with grilled tofu and oyster mushrooms, seaweed, black sesame seeds and a thick soya sauce that he’d made a few months ago that we’ve been enjoying over rice ever since. We also had a bag of vegan crackers from M&S – they’re kind of like prawn crackers, and I love them.^^

^^A burrito date with my love. After finishing work at 7.30pm we decided that Mexican food was the only thing that would help. It had been a while since we’d been to Tortilla, and it’s pretty much my favourite Mexican place in the UK.^^

^^Hanging out with my two gentlemen, while Trout prepared a meal for a couple of friends who came over for dinner.^^

^^Here’s the finished meal – it was an amazing Japanese feast! I made dessert, but it really wasn’t very photogenic! Thankfully it tasted good, though.^^

^^The night before I left for Barcelona, spent with these two. Perfect.^^

^^An early lunch before boarding my flight to Barcelona. I hadn’t had Pret’s avocado sandwich for so long, and was very happy to see it on the shelf! Also, those kale crisps are so good.^^

^^Goodbye England!^^

^^Reunited with this handsome chap! I was flippin’ exhausted after landing at Gatwick and heading straight to a work event, but managed to stay awake for a meal with my love. I slept well that night.^^

^^Wearing a certain someone’s old band’s t-shirt to bed.^^

^^Layering up in some pinky/purple pieces.^^


^^Rasputin striking a pose!^^

^^A lunch date at Street Diner with Trout. As always, I went for Sultans Delights and loved this new addition to her menu; flatbreads. It was stuffed with amazing veggies, and I had it with a bit of salad. So good.^^

^^Breakfast on Saturday morning; a tube of Jus-Rol cinnamon rolls. Yum!^^

^^Saturday night’s dinner. Super healthy…! We had pepperoni pizza with buffalo ‘chicken’ wings, cheezly bites and mac’n’cheese. Plenty of good old junk food.^^

^^A midnight feast enjoyed at 10pm, because we’re too old to stay up until midnight, with a few episodes of Parks & Recreation <3^^

^^On Sunday I got out our advent calendars ready for the 1st December. Ras has a packet of treats in his, and is having one a day, and Trout’s is filled with lots of different treats (but I won’t spoil the surprise for him! So far he’s had white chocolate buttons and fizzy cola bottles). I love how Ras is super interested in his! Trout got me a Moo Free calendar, and judging by Instagram most of the vegan community have been enjoying this one, too!^^

So that’s what I’ve been getting up to over the next couple of weeks. Christmas feels so close now! And I still have so many presents to buy… I started off so well, but haven’t been pressie shopping for a while and have so many bits + pieces still left to get. Oh well, it’ll all come together. Plus we need to book a hire car – don’t let me forget! This year we’re spending Christmas Day with my family, Boxing Day with Trout’s family and the 28th with friends. I so love waking up on Christmas morning at home with my two boys. We usually have something small and special for breakfast, we open our stockings (and I hope and pray that I’ve got it right each year. When we first moved in together I had never had a stocking before – we always had ‘Christmas tree presents’ in my family (even though they weren’t ever under the tree…) – so didn’t know that I had to put one together! I won’t be making that mistake again…).

I can’t believe it’s already Wednesday! This week is flying by. On Friday I have the first of this year’s Christmas parties – this time with the agency I do freelance work for – and then on Saturday I’ve got a work event in the afternoon and then we’re going to see Alan Davies in the evening, which I’m super excited for! I hope everyone’s having a great week!

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  1. December 3, 2014 3:31 pm

    Wow I have the biggest burrito craving right now! Hope you enjoy your Christmas parties and your advent calendar, I still need to try and find one!

  2. December 3, 2014 10:57 pm

    I am glad the week is almost over. It’s getting to be finals week for me and I’m ready for a break. Love the pictures as always.

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