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General musings and general conference

December 4, 2014

This evening Trout is painting the town red with his company at their office Christmas party. Who knows what o’clock he’ll rock in ;) Hopefully no-one will end up in a bath in a skip this year. I’ve got my first of the season’s Christmas parties tomorrow, with the agency that I go through for freelance work. Here’s to the first of many good meals with people I rarely get to see outside of a business context, and meeting people who I have exchanged emails with but have yet to meet.

I left work today and it was so, so cold. It was raining, but I swear it was almost like snow! Or maybe that was just wishful thinking. I had so many thoughts in my head as I stocked up on milk and sugar for the souprun, before mentally planning my layers for when I got home, before heading back out again. I was so thankful for the layers and the lack of rain when I left the house again half an hour later, and when I met my fellow-volunteer and chatted for a while, I heard some very sad news and it kind of put a lot of things into perspective. There’s always a part of me that feels bad about my life and how lucky I am, and none more so than when I stand outside for those twenty minutes with people who won’t be rushing back to a warm flat, who don’t have a loved one to seek comfort and companionship with, who don’t have a choice about what they eat everyday because they attend soupruns or similar. And sometimes even if that is a choice you choose, it’s hard when people can’t understand that.

I came home with a lunchbox from Iydea and ate delicious food that I’d chosen, all with so much flavour, and served to me by a warm, smiling person, with no judgement. Not even when I literally hopped from one foot to the other when I just could not decide what to eat. I caught up with this week’s Made in Chelsea and it was very hard to shake this feeling of gratitude (it’s kind of strange to go from standing on the seafront with people who don’t have a permanent home, choose to sleep rough or live on very little, and then watch a group of kids who live off their parents’ to supply endless champagne. Anyway, I love it so whatever).

I’ve been reading Love Taza’s blog for a couple of years now and whenever her family celebrate General Conference weekend I’ve been so intrigued – and not just by the table bursting with food and drink! I wondered what exactly this conference was. So this evening, with the flat to myself, I sat down and watched it. It’s essentially a weekend of talks by lots of different people within the Mormon church, who cover various topics and chapters from the Bible. I went to church every week as a child – until I was around 16, when I started to think much more deeply about what I believed, and what I didn’t believe, and in turn I stopped going to church. I couldn’t support an organisation that was so openly and confidently homophobic and sexist. Judgement from a church that bases its faith on loving everyone equally just did not make any sense to me. I believe that abortion is a mother’s right, I believe that contraception is a beautiful thing to teach teenagers, I believe that sexuality is not a personal choice, it is something that is chosen for you, for the same reason that your eyes are blue and your second toe is longer than your big toe. It’s who you are.

I found this particular talk very interesting, because it addressed the concerns that I have with religion. I do believe that from a very young age you are taught the wrong thing – you’re taught very dangerous beliefs that bring children up to think it’s OK to judge someone else for being in a homosexual relationship, to judge a woman for having an abortion, to judge parents who get divorced. What kind of children are we bringing up to believe that all of these things are wrong? It’s a very scary thought. So when I watched that particular talk, I felt very positive, and that time was moving on.

I don’t mean to offend anyone who is Mormon – I suppose curiosity got the better of me – but it did make my evening that little bit sweeter, and calmed the uncomfortable thoughts that were trickling through my mind. Have you ever watched General Conference? I would love to hear what your thoughts are on religion, if you would like to share them in the comments.

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  1. December 4, 2014 10:44 pm

    I’ll have to watch that talk because I agree with everything you’ve said and it sounds interesting.

    • December 9, 2014 11:22 am

      Did you take a look? What did you think? There are some interesting talks at the conference.

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