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2014: A few of my favourite moments

January 2, 2015

2014. What a year. I started putting together this blog post as a way to look back over the past 52 weeks. I added photo after photo after photo, until my computer complained and strained under the weight, and it became just too hard to narrow it down. Which ones would make the cut? Which memories are ‘better’ than others? How can you even compare?

So instead, I tried to categorise the finest memories. The memories of evenings with friends, days with Trout, countries explored, celebrities met, all the food eaten, mornings spent in bed cuddling with Rasputin, the music listened to, kitchens repainted (well, that was just one really), all the photobooths and cups of coffee, and the beaches. Both in summer and in winter. But again, it was too hard to narrow them all down.

So instead, here are a very few that I think summarise 2014 for me. I originally uploaded 43 photos. Here are nine.

Family. January 15th, my Grandma passed away. One of the most important people in my life, and through her passing I finally let myself grieve the loss that had dragged on for years. A cruel illness, yes, but a huge reminder for me to appreciate and learn from the people that are around me and inspire me. My Grandma taught me so much, and I know she would have continued teaching me a lot as I grew older.

Trout & Rasputin. Obviously they are my family, too. This is probably my favourite photo of the two of them. I’m so thankful for them both, for the happiness they both bring every single time I come home and they’re there, for the mornings waking up to them both snuggled up to me, for the evenings spent together, for the way that Rasputin moans and cries if Trout and I are in separate parts of the flat.

Music. I’ve been to so many amazing shows this year, mostly thanks to Trout and his brilliant taste in music and speedy ticket purchasing skills. The Flatliners, Manchester Orchestra (above) and Augustine’s, to name but a few, plus seeing Dave House perform in a friend’s home. I’ll post a few more photos from the Augustine’s show because it really does deserve it’s own blog post. This year I really want to go to Groezrock (the line-up this year looks so good), and Fest (I say this every year. However if someone wants to buy my flight to Florida that would be great ;)).

Friends. Spending time with friends is always so special, especially when it ends in a massive snuggle and Trout’s wearing a chilli costume and Vicky has a moustache and a monobrow drawn on her face. There are too many days to mention, but it’s been a really fun year. Ups and downs, but I guess that’s life. No-one’s perfect, and we can only do the best that we can.

Coffee. Some of the best days have revolved around coffee. Secrets exchanged, friendships strengthened, time spent alone.

Travel. I’ve been lucky enough to have visited some amazing places this year; Barcelona, Istanbul, Cambridge, Greece. Seeing so many little pockets of the world with Trout is always my favourite way to travel.

Fun days. Too many to list! Secret Cinema was fantastic – then there was meeting Oliver Jeffers, catching up with friends in London and Barcelona, all the roast dinners with friends, days spent gallery-hopping, sifting through family photos, weddings, blogger events, trips to animal sanctuaries and so many more.

Life. Flowers, repainting the kitchen after a certain smoothie explosion, photobooths, all the good food and the huge changes that have happened at the end of 2014, which I am so excited about sharing in 2015 (no, I’m not pregnant). I also joined the gym (!!!), swam in the sea in Brighton for the first time in over ten years, discovered a love for espresso, celebrated our 12th anniversary and finally got around to reading books. I think I must have read around seven – which might not sound like a lot, but for someone that never ‘found the time’, I’m pretty chuffed with that!

Resolutions for 2014

How did I do? My resolutions for 2014 were mainly about taking control of my life. Money, thoughts, diet, planning ahead. I also wanted to make time for friends, old and new, use up everything in my fridge, write more, spend less time online and to travel more.

In terms of travelling in the UK, I managed to visit Cambridge which was so lovely. You can find photos from our trip here. I also managed to spend less time online. Aside from work, I have definitely cut back in terms of how long I spend on the internet. If I am online, it’s because I’m watching something – which isn’t really the same (for me, anyway). I’m definitely more in control of my money and am better at planning ahead (something which I’ve always struggled with in the past), and am getting quite good at using everything up in the fridge before buying new ingredients. I would like to make more time for friends, but this year has definitely involved all of my favourite people, so that’s the main thing.

Resolutions for 2015

Ethical clothing. As far as I possibly can, I want to buy ethically made clothing, that’s been made according to fairtrade standards, and in the UK if possible. It’s been really interesting to discover so many beautiful brands while I’ve been researching this, and I’ve got a list of things that I want to buy ASAP. It’s certainly not coming naturally at this point – my brain keeps thinking things like, ‘Ooh, the ZARA sale!!’ and, ‘That coat in M&S was so nice… and it was vegan… and I don’t have a coat like that at all…’ If you have any companies you love, please do let me know! Next on my list is workout gear and jeans. I have been buying Topshop’s Leigh jeans for years, so would love to find something similar – they keep their shape, I’ve got them in three different colours, they cost less than £40 and they last a really long time. So yeah, something as good as them, please!

Be patient, mindful and thoughtful. I tend to have a short temper with the people that I love the most, and I really, really want to change this. I want to pause and think about what I’m saying before the words leave my mouth (I tend to put my foot in it a lot…), be more patient with those around me and be kinder with my words. I also need to remember that no-one can read my mind, and that I probably shouldn’t just blurt out random sentences that only make sense to me.

Healthy living. I’m not going on any of those ridiculous fad diets – or anything dangerous like the 5:2 diet – but I do eat an awful lot of sweets and chocolate. Seriously. I need to get back into eating healthy food and going to the gym, as that kind of slipped after I got back from our holiday in the summer…! I say all this while eating faux skittles. I had an apple before that, though!

Cook more. I think I say this every year, but I would like to use all my cookbooks more frequently and make more food from scratch. Trout’s very good at this, so I would like to do more as well. A couple of days ago I made parsnip soup from a bag of parsnips that I bought in Waitrose for 19p, and everything else I had in. I love meals like this!

Save more. I have actually been really good with money over the past few months, and it’s been so satisfying. I don’t have a huge disposable income, but saving has been a priority as over the next few weeks it will deplete for a number of reasons. I still want to travel, and it’s Trout’s big 3-0 in April so I’ve got a fair few pennies needed for all the ideas that I have!

I’m sure there are a hundred and one other things that I want to do, but those are the main ones. What resolutions do you have? How did you do in 2014? On top of my personal resolutions, I also want to continue with my Photos of the Week series – although I might steal Laura’s idea of Eat, Move, Wear, Love, Links…! What are your resolutions for 2015?

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  1. January 2, 2015 5:20 pm

    So, in the spirit of my new year aim to reach out to people more, I just wanted to comment and say how much I enjoy your blog and good luck with the resolutions! Please keep blogging :)

  2. January 2, 2015 8:30 pm

    I love this post. It’s always great to look back at the year.

  3. January 4, 2015 3:42 pm

    I love you! Happy 2015!

  4. January 5, 2015 4:08 pm

    Just love this, what a year and so beautifully described! Wishing you the most wonderful 2015 and please do join in with the Eat, Move, Wear, Love, Link style posts!

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