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Photos of the Week #6

February 10, 2015


Hello February! And hello Valentine’s Day, you’re just around the corner and I can’t wait. One of my favourite days of the year. Have I mentioned how much I love love? Do you have any plans?

Last year was a bit of a blur. Work, things being fixed around the house, sleeping in an actual bed – what a dream. Here are a few photos, mainly from the weekend.

^^Last Sunday I cooked my first roast in the new house, and forgot to share the photos on last week’s round-up. I’m so happy that our oven is pretty good!^^

^^Roast dinners are one of the best meals ever, right? And also, eating dinner at lunch time. I love it.^^

^^This is how we spend most evenings. Ras is enjoying snuggle time a lot, but loves it even more when there’s a laptop to climb on.^^

^^Once Friday hit, it set a precedent for the rest of the weekend, and we begun our tour of various eating establishments. We started at lunchtime, with hotdogs from Beelzebab at Street Diner. They were so good!^^

^^Friday night, trying out a new (to us) Indian restaurant in our new hometown. Yum! Rogan and a Madras, with coconut rice and chapattis. I LOVE chapattis. And veg curries that have potato in – a rarity, can you believe?^^

^^Saturday we had a massive to-do list, including registering Ras with a new vets, picking up parcels, buying things for the house and picking up some wood from the reclaimed wood store in Brighton. We’re building a desk for our study, but more on that later. After all that rushing around we stopped at VBites for a doner kebab and hickory chick burger. I love this place!^^

^^Saturday night we went 30th-birthday-party-hopping, which ended up with us staying out until 3.30am (!!!). This is approximately five hours past my bedtime. Not only did I stay up super late, I was also the co-founder of a conga line that recruited actual.strangers. What a night!^^

^^Hungover breakfast the morning after. Well, for them. Non-drinker here tried not to be too smug ;)^^

^^This is how we spent Sunday afternoon. The wood that we bought was a bit of a state (weathered and full of nails) so we spent three hours pulling out nails and sanding it down – and only managed four out of the eight pieces! It was so much fun, even if I do ache all over and keep finding bruises all over my legs. I can’t wait to finish them off and start varnishing them, and then we’ll hammer them together and they’ll make the top of the desk. I’ll share photos once it’s finished! Hopefully it will look as good as we hope…^^

^^You can kind of see the state of the wood was, but these pictures don’t really do it justice. And yes it was a family gathering! All hands (and paws) on deck. And yes that is the hideous scratching post carpet that came with the house. Honestly. Have I mentioned how awful it was? It was quite literally the texture of a scratching post. It’s gone now, thankfully – replaced with a fluffy, homely cream carpet.^^

Today I took the day off as our bed was being delivered, however they just left and it wouldn’t fit up the stairs. I’m gutted – that bed was so beautiful, and now I’m worried that we’ll never have the bed of our dreams. At least we have our spare room bed to sleep in for the time being. Rubbish :( Anyway, here are last week’s eats, moves, wears, loves and links.

Eat. Ahem, as you can see I’ve been eating lots of good food!

Move. I’m really missing going to the gym, but am looking forward to running in the park near our house. It also has an outdoor gym which looks fun! My commute to work has been really good – I’m loving spending time to myself in the morning before the day really kicks in, and getting in that little bit more exercise. It takes around 15 minutes to walk to the station, which I either spend chatting to Trout or listening to music by myself, and then the train takes around 20 minutes, which gives me time to read some of my book. My office is around 10 minutes from the station, so even more time for chatting or listening to music!//I’ve also been working out a lot at home in the form of DIY. Ripping up incredibly tough, disgusting carpet, sanding, cleaning. I ache all over!//

Wear. Many, many layers! And boots! It’s so cold here. From my cold house to my cold-in-the-morning office to the commute to and from work, I’m freezing most of the time. Which is rubbish.//

Love. Getting stuff fixed around the house. Bless Trout, he’s been amazing – calling everyone, getting everything done, sorting shit out.//Baths! I’ve been kind of obsessed with them lately. Almost every night. And so hot that I have to lie down on the bed afterwards.//Using my tumbledryer! Oh my.//

Link. My VegFest Brighton giveaway is open for another week – there are loads of ways to enter and you could win two free tickets!//Everything Anna at Door Sixteen posts – total interior inspiration.//Style Memos’ new YouTube channel. I’m not really into YouTube, apart from all the cat vidoes, but I really like Alexis’ channel.//

Finally, here’s a little round-up of my resolutions for this year.

Ethical clothing. Going pretty well! Mostly because I haven’t bought any clothes. But I can see a shift in my thinking – I have never liked shopping centres, but now when I go in it’s a bit like going round the supermarket. I can see the packs and packs of meat, different cheeses, creamy desserts – but I don’t need or want any of them. Even walking past the Zara sale. Now that’s strength!

Be patient, mindful and thoughtful. Erm. This may take a bit longer. Darn my short temper! And in my defence, my period made me super ragey this week.//

Healthy living. Kiiiind of. I’ve been enjoying soup and kale chips a lot at lunchtime, and haven’t been snacking, but salad is just out the window right now. Seriously, how can anyone eat salad in winter?//

Cook more. Kiiiind of. We have been having a lot of takeaways lately, but I’ve also done a bit of cooking myself. Like sausage casserole, creamy garlicy mash, cabbage and carrots. Yum!//

Save more. Pfft. Did you know that owning your house means that you are very very poor?//

I’d like to add a couple more for the next few weeks; a London day (totally craving one right now), and going to more galleries. Time to do some research about what’s coming up. How was last week for you? Hope it was super fun! If anyone feels like linking any exhibitions in London that I should go to, please leave a comment below!


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  1. February 12, 2015 1:14 am

    Outdoor gyms are so much fun. I love Ras lurking in the doorway in that picture of all the wood.

  2. February 13, 2015 5:07 am

    Gah, those Beelzebab hot dogs! I’m going to be in Brighton for a couple of days in May and I hope I can get one. Looking forward to seeing the finished desk too, I love the idea of making things like that yourself rather than buying from Ikea or wherever.


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