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Vegan Life magazine | Issue Four

February 16, 2015

It’s that time again! Vegan Life magazine issue #4 is now available to buy or download, and it might be my favourite issue yet. It’s got burgers, beer, make-up and a guide to being vegan in Hawaii. And now I really want to go to Hawaii.

This issue also has a feature on rescued moon bears in China. They’ve been rescued from ‘bile farms’, where they are kept in small cages to extract bile from their gall bladder through a dripping hole and a metal shunt punched into the abdomen. I’d never heard of this practice before, and it’s amazing that an organisation like Animals Asia exists to bring awareness to it and rescue the bears.

On a lighter note, this recipe for almond butter fudge sounds amazing!

This four-page write-up on vegan beer is really useful if you’re not sure why beer/ale etc. isn’t vegan, and which brands are vegan-friendly. It’s very much craft beer and small batch focused, which is great – although it would have been good to see a mini round-up of bigger brands that you find in most pubs, like Grolsch. Also – girls drink beer too, you know Vegan Life! “Drink Up, Lads”. Pfft.

So, those are my highlights from this month’s issue! Have you read Vegan Life magazine? Do you prefer online or print? 

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