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Photos of the Week #8

February 23, 2015


What a week last week was. It started in a really good way. We went to a gig on Monday evening. We ate fish finger sandwiches for dinner on Tuesday. And then on Wednesday morning I got to work and found that we’d been broken into in the early hours, and most of the computers in our shared office had been taken. It kind of threw the rest of the week off, not just in terms of trying to catch up with work (thankfully my computer wasn’t taken. It’s been just awful for the web + design team), but also in having to try and forget what had happened. The smashed doorframe. The blood in the kitchen. The can of cider on the side. (Yep, these really weren’t the smartest of thieves…) The police were great, the forensics were quick (I really wanted to shadow her but decided it probably wasn’t appropriate) and the follow up investigation seems to be going well. I came into work this morning and the ground floor stank of cigarette smoke, which kind of sparked this, ‘They’re back!’ fear inside me. Ugh! Anyway, onto the good things that happened last week.

^^Monday evening: Mariachi El Bronx at the Komedia. They were amazing! I’d never seen them before, or really listened to them very much, but really enjoyed it. The crowd was so mixed; parents and grandparents, and hardcore kids who listen to The Bronx. Definitely recommend seeing them if they’re playing near you! This show sold out, so move fast if you do get the chance.^^

^^Wednesday evening: Tea party and clothing at the White Stuff event. You can read all about it here.^^

^^Shrove Thursday. I hate pancake day, but settled on a chocolate chip American-style pancake with peanut butter sauce. Trout had the traditional kind (*vom*)^^

^^Friday evening: Trout bought me tickets for The Nutcracker for Christmas, and I really loved it. I’ve never been to the ballet before (is it completely ridiculous that I didn’t realise there would be no singing at all? Just an orchestra? Yeaaah). I’m definitely going to go again – I’ve got my eye on Swan Lake, which I think is on at the moment. Afterwards we crossed the road to watch the rest of a band’s set (I don’t know what they were called…) and it kind of made me laugh, how we combined two completely different musical preferences. FYI – if you’re ever in Brighton on a Friday night, pop into Fitzherberts and watch some bands. It’s always free, and they’re pretty much always really good punk bands.^^

^^Saturday evening: Terre a Terre! My favourite restaurant in the world. We always said that when we finally bought a house we would celebrate here – and at the weekend we finally did! Although we’ve been there since January, this was the first weekend we were both free to go. The food is just amazing, and as we had collected so many gift cards that friends and family had given us over the years, it was basically free. Bonus! We always have the Terre a Tapas to start, and I always get the churros for dessert – but this time I mixed up my main course and didn’t get the rosti. Oh, I want to go back nooow!^^

^^Sunday morning: ‘Bacon’ sarnies for brekka. One of the best kinds of brekka. Sunday started off leisurely enough, but ended up being kind of jam-packed for the rest of the day. We didn’t get out of bed until 11am, then had these bad boys, before realising that the rain wasn’t supposed to arrive until 2pm-ish so we raced outside to do some more sanding and work on our desk. We got quite a lot done before the rain did arrive at around 2.30pm, including managing to sand my hand with the electric sander.^^

^^Sunday evening: Dessert from Living Food Kitchen, and Rasputin. He’s so funny! While we were outside we decided to let Ras begin to explore the garden for a bit. On Saturday morning we took him to get chipped, and as we turned into the carpark of the vets he decided to poop in his carry box. Excellent timing, Ras. So I stunk out the waiting room (seriously, it lingered way after we had gone in for the appointment) and Ras sat in his poop. Lovely. The vet was really impressed with how chilled out he was, and as I stroked him she popped the injection in and he didn’t even flinch or meow! She was so surprised and impressed! I was one proud cat-mum. Anyway, as he was now chipped and we’ve been there six weeks and we were spending time outside anyway, we decided to see how he got on. He explored a few steps before running back into the house, which he repeated about 30 times. He was super cute and cuddly as he was a bit nervous, and I was so scared he would bolt!^^


EAT. Thai Tuk-Tuks & Turmeric soup. I’m obsessed! I have this every week, pretty much without fail, and it’s so delicious.//Alpro plain with coconut. Not quite as good as proper coyo, but much cheaper which suits me right now.//
MOVE. I really want to get back into my little routine that I had when I was going to the gym; 50 sit-ups, 50 leg-lifts, 1 min plank, 2 min weird fanny-in-the-air thing that I described much better in this blog post. I did that routine three times, it’s really simple to do at home and I really felt like it made a difference.//
WEAR. Nail polish! Sounds weird, but what with all the packing and moving and unpacking and general house stuff I haven’t painted my nails for weeks, and I’ve missed it.//
LOVE. Finding new things that I like.//Reading on the train, even when I’m standing.//Catching up with reading blogs – I feel so behind, but it’s something I need to start making time for.//
LINK. This round-up of podcasts on The Private Life of a Girl. I’m so close to finishing Serial, which was actually the first podcast I’ve ever listened to, so I’m really excited to work my way through this list.//This recipe for cauliflower sung choi bao on Maple Spice. They look so good!//Jen’s 30 Before 30 list. I’m turning 30 at the end of August, and keep seeing lists like this and wondering – should I make one?! I went through Jen’s and was surprised at how many I kind of nodded my head to, or thought – yes, I want another piercing! (I’ve been debating getting my smiley pierced (or, to use the correct term, upper lip frenulum oral piercing) for years, more seriously since around October. I really just want to make sure it won’t be swollen for too long as I’m client facing.) Write a short story. Heck, write a story! Go to the cinema more. Visit Liverpool. Manchester. OK maybe I should just go ahead and write my own list…//

And a new addition:

Things I want to do this week. Do ‘move’ routine outlined above ^^^//Listen to Criminal.//Write more.//

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