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Photos of the Week #9

March 3, 2015


This weekend was crazy. We managed to pack in so many things, and saw so many faces. It often feels like during the week I don’t have a lot to share – the odd photo here and there, maybe a meal or an evening spent with Rasputin and Trout. But it’s the weekend that really brings everything to life. I guess I’m just holding out for the weekend!

The light in the house is quite dark for the most part, so the mornings and evenings aren’t ideal for taking photos. We have white french blinds on some of the windows (the spare bedroom, which was our bedroom up until Sunday), and the lounge, which don’t let a lot of light in. But now, we’ve finally moved into our proper bedroom, in the attic. It has a huge skylight window that lets in light. Last night as I was falling asleep I watched planes move across the night sky. I could see a helicopter hovering (who knows why…!). I’m sure I could see stars. It’s amazing. I get to wake up to natural light, and it makes such a huge difference to the morning. I’m so happy we’re in our bedroom at last – six weeks after moving in.

On Saturday a friend came over to help us take out the Velux window in our attic room so that we could winch our headboard up the side of the house and through the window. It was one of the longest, scariest days! Our friend Tug was amazing, and we seriously couldn’t have done it without him. I hadn’t realised just how much work it would be – Tug and Trout were troopers, whilst I assisted and concentrated on whipping up a peanut butter curry for us. After we had finished, hours and hours later, I went straight to a work event and tried to keep my eyes open.

Here are a few photos from the week.

^^MONDAY. Sometimes I like to just relax in bed, alone, listening to a podcast, eating chocolate and peanut butter. It feels luxurious and so satisfying.^^

^^FRIDAY. Trout and I went on a little date night to see Stewart Lee. We went for dinner beforehand, at this pizza place in Hove called Morelli Zorelli. It has vegan cheese on the menu, and I think they might also have vegan ‘meats’ available sometimes. It was so good!^^


^^SATURDAY. I went to Cin Cin’s pop-up restaurant at The Velo Cafe by the level. I took some photos for them and enjoyed their amazing food at the same time. It was so lovely of them to put together such a good vegan menu – that’s smoked tofu right there! I had five courses of deliciousness. Keep an eye out for their next pop-up – it has a lovely, relaxed atmosphere, everyone looked like they were having such a good time.^^

^^SUNDAY. Hot chocolate and cupcakes from Ms Cupcake. A friend came round for the weekend and brought beer and cupcakes with him. Best housewarming gifts ever! Hot chocolate is a funny one for me. Every couple of years I have a craving for it, and then I make myself a mug and remember that I don’t like hot chocolate. But this was really good, and thank you Caffe Nero for making a vegan hot chocolate.^^

^^SUNDAY. Rasputin enjoying the sunshine in his ‘room’.^^

EAT. Cupcakes ;)//Salad – it’s finally getting (slightly) warm enough to even consider eating salad.//Peanut butter curry.//
MOVE. Still no running or planking…//
WEAR. Jackets that it’s been too cold to wear until this weekend.//
LOVE. Our bed!! So darn comfortable.//
LINK. This beautiful collaborative piece of writing on Dash and Bella.//This wall of polaroids on Chalk White Arrow (see also: beautiful baby!).//The return of Taza’s happy lists! Right now my happy list consists of feeling grateful for good friends, vegan cupcakes, opportunities that I would never have imagined a few years ago, planning Trout’s 30th, our anniversary this week.//
THIS WEEK. Carry on listening to Criminal, the podcast.//Get planking.//Finish reading In Cold Blood.//Popping up BT Tower again for the launch of the Tech4Good Awards.//

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  1. March 3, 2015 7:38 am

    Your new home adventures sound exhausting but exciting!! :) I LOVE Rasputin’s bed :D and those pizzas look delicious!

  2. March 3, 2015 2:21 pm

    Awwww Rasputin!

  3. March 4, 2015 1:06 am

    Ras is always so cute. Those cupcakes are so picture perfect, too.

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