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Photos of the Week #16

April 21, 2015

WEEK 16 OF 52

^^I think this photo summarises how last week went. The weather has been beautiful here! I feel so lucky to work three minutes from the beach, and there are few better ways to spend the evening than lying on the pebbles with beer and good friends, watching the sun set. This photo didn’t even need editing. Brighton, you’re a natural beauty.^^

^^A post-work coffee from Small Batch and a flapjack from H&B. This was such a lovely way to unwind after a long day, and filled an hour or so before I met Trout and we went to the pub for a Parks and Rec quiz. We won the Jerry Prize! We came last by a long, long way…^^

^^Homemade chinese food! I cooked up some shredded ‘duck’ pieces, sliced some spring onion and cucumber, steamed pancakes, made an asian cucumber salad and served with a handful of thai rice crackers. Yum!^^

^^I ran out of soup to bring to work so decided to treat myself to a lunchbox from Smorl’s. So many different salads! It’s nowhere near as good as Sultan’s but it was a pretty darn tasty way to spend a lunchtime. Especially as I found out I had won Tortilla’s #TortillaTuesday competition!! Free burritos and chips!! Oh my. We’re planning on a lunch date there tomorrow.^^

^^Sigh. This is how I spent many evenings last week. But, success! He has properly learnt how to get back into the house through his cat flap, and doesn’t need any encouragement or treats. It’s just getting him to go out that’s not going quite so well…^^

^^Tacos! I’m more of a fan of soft tacos but crunchy ones are fun, too.^^

^^Saturday was awesome. It was my ‘getting-shit-done’ day, and my ticklist was looking pretty darn good. I finally tidied most of our clothes away, I paid a couple of bills, set up a direct debit, completed some freelance work and sorted my finances out. It was so satisfying!! I also got around to trying this brilliant tip – pop an Alpro pudding into the microwave, heat it for 30 seconds, stir it, and then heat for about 15 seconds more. Sheer brilliance!^^

^^Sunday was another ‘getting-shit-done’ day, starting with a 3k run at 8am with Trout, a visit to his sister’s to wish his niece a happy birthday, a weekly food shop, a few hours of gardening and one half of our desk legs finished. I love days like this! I got rid of all the dead snails and dug up weeds and pulled out a dead lavender bush and generally tidied up pretty much a whole section of the garden. So satisfying. There’s so much left to do, but it felt good to at least get this done.^^

^^Ras was absolutely loving being outside all day! He’s getting a lot more confident, and in the afternoon he started jumping on things. He hung out on the water butt, and took his first walk along the fence! It wasn’t the most graceful of walks, but he managed it, and jumped onto our roof, then walked across the neighbours roof. I don’t think it will be too long before he really starts exploring! He’s started sitting on the water butt and peering into the house, watching us make dinner. It’s pretty much the cutest thing ever.^^

EAT. Many different cuisines!//Cinnamon + raison bagels.//Pickle and shredded lettuce toast sandwiches. I’m telling you, they’re good.//
MOVE. I ran! I ran! Well, to be honest, it was more of a jog, but it’s more exercise than I’ve done in months and that made me happy.//Three hours of gardening is more tiring than you might think! I definitely felt like I had a bit of a workout.//
WEAR. Not wearing these ethical ‘converse’ trainers in white because they’re NEVER IN STOCK. Sigh.//
LOVE. Getting. Shit.Done.//Seeing our house coming together, slowly but surely. Our dining room table finally came, and I’m so happy with it. I’ll hopefully share some photos over the coming weeks (months) (years), but right now I can’t stop running my fingertips over the wood’s natural imperfections and thinking about the person that built this table for us. It’s furniture love!//
LINKS. Catching up with a new blog find, Laura Tosney. It’s so beautiful and as a few of us have been saying, what blogging should be (and always was) about.//Man Repeller’s Instagram. She always makes me laugh but lately she has been KILLING it.//These strawberry banana oat bars from Running With Spoons. Holy yum they look good!//
LAST WEEK. Hanging out on the beach.//Wishing it was just a little bit warmer, but trying not to complain.//
THIS WEEK. Saying, ‘Is it pay day yet?’ a thousand times.//Preparing for a Mexican brunch on Sunday at our house!//So looking forward to dinner at Morelli Zorelli tonight.//Reading Vegan Life magazine. I think it’s their best issue yet.//Hanging out with our new table.//

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  1. April 22, 2015 8:33 pm

    Haha to the pay day comment. Waiting for pay is always a struggle for me.

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