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The Sartorialist

April 26, 2015

Whilst catching up with a few of my favourite blogs I rediscovered The Sartorialist. I used to check it daily but forgot about it for months (years?), so I was very happy to spend time catching up. Here are a few of my favourite outfits from the past month.


Always oversized when it comes to coats.//

panels//pastel + black

Something about orange keeps drawing me in at the moment. Slightly tempted to give tangerine lippy a try.//

matching shoes + tights//orange + navy

I guess I have a thing for oversized trousers, rolled or cuffed at the ankles, or cascading over your toes. Perhaps a throwback to the days when I wore jeans that dragged through the rain and the leaves and the litter?//

light linen//silver brogues

heavy + structured//delicate heels

pale + textured//layered//clutch

walking towards you, or away from you?

And a special mention to these two stylish chaps://

hint of a tattoo//hint of an excellent sock

classic tailoring//experimental mind

All photos by The Sartorialist

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  1. April 26, 2015 8:30 pm

    Haha I wore my jeans like that too, I was viciously opposed to skinny jeans until I actually tried them and realised how awesome they are ;) I love the menswear on there, they always look just right.

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