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A few details in the morning

May 16, 2015


I have such a set routine in the morning, and I love it. 6.30am. Wake up. I always used to be first in the bathroom but since Trout has started leaving earlier for the office, I’m second in. Run a comb through my hair and hope I can go another day without washing it. Brush my teeth, cleanse, tone. Shower.

6.50am. Head to the kitchen. Give Ras a cuddle. Kettle on, bowl out, fridge open. Water. Medication. Coffee in cup. Splash of water. Boiling water. Splash of water so I can drink it straight away.

Spoonful. Spoonful. Spoonful of Alpro. Lemon & lime at the moment, but usually coconut. Dried fruit, nuts, pieces of Nakd bar, ground chia seeds, peanut butter, whatever else I can find.

Alpro lemon and lime soya yogurt

Switch on the news, try and get Ras to settle on the sofa, enjoy breakfast together. 7.20am. Tidy the kitchen. Start thinking about what to wear. Give up. Do my makeup. Dry shampoo. Still thinking about what to wear. Do I have any meetings? What does the weather forecast say.

Dressing gown off, underwear on. Ras is being so cute. Lie on the floor with him for a while. 7.35am. What am I wearing today? Perfume on. Have I packed my soup for lunch? Which trousers should I wear. That will do.

7.49am. What shall I listen to on my walk to work? Can’t listen to No Trigger again. 7.53am. Latest possible leaving time. Give Ras one last cuddle. I’m leaving now.

What does your morning routine look like?


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  1. May 16, 2015 7:03 pm

    That sounds like a nice morning routine. I wake up at 6, wash face, brush teeth, clean piercings, eat breakfast, get dressed, pack lunch, and am out the door by 6.30. I wish I had more time but that would require waking up at 5 and I don’t really want to do that.

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