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Photos of the Week #22

June 2, 2015

WEEK 22 OF 52

^^We ate dinner outside! There’s something so nice about eating in the late-evening sun, with Ras running around behind us. This is one of my favourite simple recipes to put together for lunch or dinner – Asian-style soy mince and avocado wraps with spicy peanut sauce.^^

^^Caught this whiskerface exploring the bath.^^

^^Trout treated me to a mid-week lunch date at VBites. Their hickory chick burger is just so good! And the sweet potato fries. One of my favourite lunches.^^

^^On Friday we went to see Big D and the Kids Table. They were awesome! The last time I saw them was about 2007, Trout’s band supported them, so did a friend’s band, and it was my 22nd birthday. Trout pulled out a cake half-way through their set and the whole venue sang happy birthday. Without sounding like a total arsehole, it was one of the best days of my life, and definitely in the top five best shows I’ve been to! On Friday they played My Girlfriend’s on Drugs, one of my favourites.^^

^^On Saturday we had a few of my uni friends stay for the weekend, and we made a massive BBQ. It wasn’t quite warm enough to eat outside, but it was great to eat chargrilled food anyway.^^

^^I made this recipe for chocolate peanut butter bars for the evening, and spent most of Sunday afternoon eating the leftovers. They were so good! And really simple to make.^^

^^The Last Supper. I tucked into a massive Chinese takeaway and glass of wine on Sunday evening, before this week’s challenge – I’m living off £10 for the week. 21 meals, plus snacks. I wrote a blog about it here if you would like to find out more about the challenge. So far I’ve eaten a lot of carbs, and drank some awful coffee. We’ll see how it goes…!^^

LOVE. Chocolate + peanut butter anything.//Researching Chicago and the Azores.//Finally clearing out the last couple of boxes and unpacking bags of clothes in the house.//
LISTENING. Millencolin. Their new album is so good!//Erm, I think that may be all I listened to…//
LINKS. Caitlyn Jenner’s incredible Vanity Fair cover.//Little Beee’s love letter to grey.//This beautiful shop in Lewes, photographed by Emma Harris.//
LAST WEEK. Spending time with good friends.//Reminiscing about good gigs.//Planning ahead for my £10 challenge.//
THIS WEEK. Living off £10 and most likely wanting a glass of wine/beer more than anything. Follow me on Twitter, I’ll be sharing my meals every day.//Already looking forward to watching London Road on the 9th. It has a live streaming Q&A with the key cast!//Kind of enjoying this not-June weather. There’s something so nice about it not being super cold, but staying indoors when it’s raining outside.//

How has your week been? I hope it’s been lovely. Also, do you have any tips for my £10 challenge? I currently have £1.61 left to spend. Must use it wisely. Oh, and sorry for liking this awful June weather.

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