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Photos of the Week #23

June 9, 2015

WEEK 23 OF 52

^^Last week I took on the £10 food challenge (you can find out more about this here and here). Thankfully my breakfast every day was pretty normal – jam on crumpets. No butter, but it still tasted pretty good. The coffee, however, did not.^^

^^This was probably a highlight lunch – instant curry flavoured noodles with a couple of slices of wholemeal bread. Not too shabby – I would probably have this again.^^

^^Another highlight – roasted pepper pasta sauce. I bought a jar of roasted peppers in oil for £1.75, used the oil during the week for cooking with, and blitzed the peppers in a blender before frying it up with some garlic and stirring a ton of penne into it.^^

^^The garden is starting to bloom! I’m so excited by all the roses. Ras is loving his time outside – I just wish he wouldn’t keep inviting slugs into the house…^^

^^Saturday ended up being cleaning day. The best kind of day! Sort of. I gave the whole of the downstairs a proper clean – you know the kind when you pull everything out and tidy and hoover and mop and clean the light switches and scrub the skirting boards and nothing really looks that different because it’s just how it should look? One of those days. Next to tackle is upstairs, but that might have to wait for another week.^^

^^On Saturday night we went to Brighton to celebrate a friend’s 30th birthday. It was so much fun. We all chipped in money to buy him a gift voucher for his favourite tattoo shop, and ended up raising £250! It was lovely to see the smile on his face. We didn’t ended up getting to bed until around 1am though, so I enjoyed a little lie-in on Sunday morning.^^

^^Ras soaking up the sunshine in ‘his room’. At the moment the end of the kitchen has all of his things in (bed, scratching post, water + food bowls, bag of food, bags of cat litter and his litter tray), but eventually we’ll get a table and chairs and turn it into a breakfast room. I love the outline of his ears in the shadows!^^

^^Not one of my photos, but a photo of an article in Stylist magazine which annoyingly isn’t online. I love this so much! When my Moschino perfume runs out I’m totally using it to store things in – same goes for the beautiful candles we currently have burning in the lounge. I love these Muji stationary trays, too! I just don’t think I would be able to handle it when they were covered in fingerprints and smears of day cream.^^

LOVE. All the programmes on the crime channel at the moment, and channel 5.//Looking forward to eating fruit, veg, salads, smoothies and less carbs!//Going home and seeing my family, and returning with albums filled with photos that I took growing up. So many memories, celebrations, people. Can’t wait to look through them all. My sister should watch out ;)//
LISTENING. Anti-Flag.//Millencolin.//The Interrupters.//(psst – Netty, if you’re reading this, THIS is the song we RSVPd with for your wedding!)
LINKS. (MALIN + GOETZ) – I saw their products featured as free gifts in a magazine, and a sweet friend pointed out that all of their products bar a couple are vegan! I can’t wait to work my way through their (entire) range. I’m a sucker for good branding at the best of times.//This bikini. And this one. They’re both so beautiful!//
LAST WEEK. Eating very beige food.//Not drinking any alcohol.//Hanging out with Ras in the garden.//
THIS WEEK. Eating! Drinking! Appreciating these ridiculous things that make me happy.//Going to watch London Road at the Duke of York tonight, with a live Q&A stream with the cast afterwards. Fingers crossed for Tom Hardy!!!//The new series of Orange is the New Black! Bring on Friday.//

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