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Photos of the Week #24, #25 and #26

July 1, 2015

WEEK 24, 25 & 26 OF 52

Whoops, it really has been a while, hasn’t it! Sorry for my absence, the days caught up with me somehow. Here’s what I’ve been up to over the past three weeks.

white roses

^^Spending time in our garden. It’s really starting to bloom (with the help of Trout’s family. Nothing like enlisting their green fingers in getting rid of dead roses ;)) and a lovely place to spend a warm evening. A certain catface is giving this crazy cat lady little heart attacks as he roams free. He’s starting climbing to the very top of our three-floor house, and peering over the edge to next door’s roof. I’m praying he never thinks he can parkour that bad boy.^^

brighton beach

^^Hanging out on the beach after work. I haven’t done it as much as last year, as the weather hasn’t been nearly as good, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed that over the next few weeks it will be warm enough for a spot of swimming and a BBQ or two (or ten). I feel so lucky to work just a few minutes from the beach. The view never gets old.^^

salad and smoothie

^^My first meal after I finished the £10 challenge – it tasted so good. And healthy! You can read how I got on in this blog post.^^

^^The second meal I had. It felt so good to cook and prepare food with so many ingredients and flavours and heat! I missed spicy food so much!^^

^^A new pizza place has opened up around the corner from my office (I know, another new pizza place! They’re breeding like bunnies in this city) so I popped in for some lunch. It was pretty good – a slice of vegan pizza, salad and a fresh drink for a fiver. Not too shabby. You can find out more on the My Slice Facebook page.^^

^^Wine + biscuits + garden = BLISS.^^

^^A book I’ve been meaning to read for a while it seems. Since 2011, in fact! How embarrassing. This summer I will finish it.^^

^^One of the best things I’ve eaten in the past few weeks – Sultan’s Delights lunchbox, with these cheesy balls. Her tzatziki is the bomb, too!^^

^^Another shot of the garden. Can you spot a whiskerface hiding?^^

LOVE. Spending as much time outdoors as possible.//Digging out long lost summer clothes.//Looking forward to two weddings coming up over the next few weeks. Including being a BRIDESMAID! <3//
LISTENING. Transplants. Well, specifically just Diamonds and Guns and Gangsters and Thugs.//The Bronx.//Emilíana Torrini.// 
LINKS. Everything that Meg Fee has written. She’s such a dreamboat of a writer.//The Irby Day Dress by bibico. Swoon.//Looking at photos of Azores on Pinterest. I cannot wait to get there!//
LAST WEEK(S). Eating, drinking, working.//Spending time with family.//Finally catching up with London.//Watching Orange is the New Black!//
THIS WEEK. Going to The Allergy & Free From Show at the weekend, because I’m super cool and love free vegan/gluten free/wheat free/hopefully not flavour free food.//Hoping that it doesn’t rain too much.//

So that’s a round-up of what I’ve been up to. Plenty of time spent at home, in the garden, with my two favourite boys. How has your month been? Anything planned for the summer?


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