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Photos of the Week #27 & #28

July 12, 2015

WEEK 27 + 28 OF 52

I’m having a super lazy day today. We went to a wedding on Friday so am enjoying a long weekend, which was very much needed. I even had an afternoon nap yesterday! This afternoon has been a long few hours of working, writing, blog reading and emails. Rasputin’s asleep upstairs in our attic bedroom, Trout’s upstairs in the study playing his racing games and I’m downstairs with the rumble of the washing machine in the kitchen. It’s the perfect kind of Sunday.

Here’s what I’ve been up to over the past couple of weeks.

^^Last Thursday I headed up to London to take some photos of a restaurant and their executive chef. It turned out to be a really fun shoot, and the chef was great to work with. You can see the photos here, and details on how to win VIP tickets for an event with him here. ^^

^^Eating wise, this was a highlight – BBQ seitan burger from Beelzebab, followed by chocolate fudge cake from Honeycomb Bakery. Both from Street Diner, and both super yummy.^^

^^Donuts! I finally got to try this tutti-frutti donut from Co-op, and let me tell you, it was pretty flippin’ brilliant.^^

^^Oh, this face. So fluffy and massive and cute! A friend is fostering him for a few months, so I hope to have many more kitty cuddles.^^

^^Birthday BBQ!^^

^^Birthday Arctic Rolls!^^

^^Last Saturday I went to London with my sister to pay a visit to the Allergy & Free From show, which by the way was super cool and I ate way too many samples and bought ridiculously expensive silky soft bamboo pillowcases. Random, but I cannot wait to lay my head on them. After the show we went to Portobello Road for a wander and popped into this gin bar. My sister was in gin heaven.^^

^^Such pretty buildings.^^

^^Afterwards we headed to Brixton to meet a friend and eat at one of my favourite pizza places, Franco Manca. Their pizza is just so good!^^

^^Then we went to see two of my favourite bands at Brixton Academy. It actually wasn’t as good as I hoped it would be (I think I might have got a bit over-excited?) but it was still amazing seeing Alkaline Trio. I just thought that the set list was kind of random. But then I might just be disappointed because they played the same venue the next day, and played the entire From Here to Infirmary album from start to finish, and NOFX played Punk in Drublic. So basically that show was always going to be better. Oh well. My big toes are blue, so it must have still been a good gig.^^

^^A friend came over from Japan for the wedding, and stayed with us for a couple of days. I love this photo. It’s not anything special, it just reminds me of a fun evening watching them trying to decide which craft beers to drink. The decision-making process was tough. I like it.^^

^^After craft beer came chilli cheese dogs, tortilla chips and guacamole. Yuuumm.^^

^^Wedding Day! Here are a few photos from the day.^^

^^A very handsome groom, two best men and one lovely friend.^^

^^A blurry husband and wife, newly wed. Congratulations you guys!^^

^^They had a photobooth, which is pretty much the best thing ever to have at a wedding! The machine printed out two copies – one to keep, and one to stick into a photo album for them to keep. Such a nice idea.^^

^^A stolen photo of Trout me, and Jess, one of the bridesmaids and fellow gig-goer to the previously mentioned show. We were so lucky with the weather – beautiful blue skies, sunshine. Perfect. I have now got awesome tan lines.^^

LOVE. A good wedding, and catching up with so many friends.//Looking through my calendar and remembering how many amazing things I have coming up.//Lazy weekends.//Yoga! I went for the first time yesterday, and really enjoyed it. Next stop – hot yoga, eek!//
LISTENINGAlkaline Trio.//Gnarwolves.//The Social Club.//A Wilhelm Scream. (21st Aug can’t come soon enough!)//
LINKS. These flowers + words.//Have you read the blog, Oyster and Pearl? If not, go and have a read. It’s so lovely.//This list of podcast recommendations. I need to get back into them – and a friend recommended listening to them whilst running, so I’m definitely going to give that a try.
LAST WEEK(S). Photos.//Birthdays.//Friends.//Music.//
THIS WEEK. Got to get back to bringing lunch into work…//Hot yoga tomorrow night.//Two big events in London.//My sister’s graduation, and seeing her perform at the weekend.//Cricket on Friday.//

Hope you’ve had a great couple of weeks x

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