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Chicago – The Food

September 30, 2015

Now let’s get onto the good stuff – what we ate! Chicago is a super vegan-friendly city with so much choice. I loved being able to order what I fancied and try new things, rather than the only vegan option available. And Americans do their junk food RIGHT! Here’s a round-up of what we ate…

The Chicago Diner vegan vegetarian

^^The Chicago Diner. From the minute I discovered it, I was so excited to try this place. Any time I asked someone what they recommended we do in Chicago they would say, You know about the diner, right? Oh yes indeed. We ended up going to both locations, and a total of three times. No regrets.^^

^^The Breakfast Combo with a pancake. I normally frown upon the whole sweet/savoury thing Americans have going on with their food, but they gave me an extra plate so I really just got a massive cooked breakfast AND a pancake, so it was a win/win situation for me. Plus, free coffee refills! Heaven. By the way, underneath that giant pancake is a whole heap of cubed potatoes with fried pepper and onion (or ‘hash’ as they described it. It’s not hash! Whatever. It was good, either way). Oh, and Trout had a chocolate cookie dough peanut butter shake. You can only imagine how good that was… He also got a salted caramel shake on our third visit which was amazing, too!^^

^^A few days later we stopped off for lunch – I had one of my favourite meals in the world, a reuben. Swoon. The third time we went I had the Mickey Muffin with extra seitan bacon (which was insane, by the way) and Trout had the steak and ‘eggs’ (tofu). You basically can’t go wrong with this place.^^

^^The next stop for us was Handlebar. How have I never had fried pickles before!? They are so good! And ranch sauce – why don’t we have this over here? I couldn’t find a vegan version in Whole Foods but I’ll certainly be making my own on a regular basis.^^

^^I had the Sambal Tofu (it must have come with at least an entire packet of tofu in it!) which was really good. Quite heavy on the sriracha, and very filling, just like everything else we ate in Chicago…^^

^^Next on the list we have Kitchen 17. This place was kind of strange. They only have room for 16 people to eat at one time, so be careful when you choose to go there. I think we must have picked a bad time to go because it was a bit of a mess, everyone was cleaning their own tables, and people were waiting a long time for their food. We must have gotten lucky because we grabbed the last seat and got our food pretty quick – unfortunately it wasn’t that great, though. Not awful, just not as good as we were hoping. We shared a plate of nachos, Trout had a philly cheesesteak sandwich and I had a chicken club sandwich, which confusingly came in a bun. It’s worth a visit, but if I came back to Chicago I probably wouldn’t make another trip there. Saying that, the pizzas did look gooood.^^

Not pictured, but certainly deserves a mention, is Native Foods, one of the best places I’ve eaten in America (we went there a lot on our last trip). I’m still dreaming of their oatmeal cookie sandwich. Holy yum that was good. And their ‘chicken’ – crazy similar to how I remember chicken being!! Because all of the portions were so big we only ate one – maybe two – meals a day, and usually didn’t finish either of them. I forgot what hunger felt like! We also did not manage to get to Fritz Pastry, which was a real shame as I had heard rave reviews of their espresso creme filled donuts. Never mind. And of course there’s Whole Foods and Trader Joes to stock up on Daiya and Field Roast goodies and vegan ‘fluff’. We dropped $50+ on our last day…

So that’s where we ate! Anything I missed that you would recommend? Add them in the comments!

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  1. October 13, 2015 5:03 pm

    Oh! now there’s a flashback! I was at the Chicago Diner 15 years ago!
    Cannot remember what I ate though ;-)


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