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Photos of the Week #38, #39 and #40

October 6, 2015

WEEKS 38, 39 AND 40 OF 52

Here’s another round-up from the past few weeks – at some point I’ll catch up with everything and post them up weekly, as I should be!

^^I went to my very first professional rugby game! And witnessed my very first haka! It was very exciting.^^

^^After the rugby we went to The Prince George, a veggie pub in Brighton, for a good old roast dinner. This was pretty darn good!^^

^^Delicious chocolate.^^

^^My most recent read. I really enjoyed it – the writer has a great ‘un-bias’ position with the twins, even though they asked him to write their biography. Plus any excuse to have Tom Hardy in bed with me.^^

vegan manicure brighton

^^Trout’s Mum bought me a voucher to get my nails done at The Final Nail for my birthday, so I decided to squeeze in a manicure before we flew to Chicago. I absolutely LOVE it! I was initially thinking of just getting a smart and simple colour, but looking through their Instagram page I spotted these cats and knew I had to have them. I think this might become a regular habit…^^

^^A Pornstar Martini. I felt like a bit of a pratt ordering this, but it tasted so good! Vanilla vodka, prosecco, passionfruit – what’s not to like?! It also came with a chaser of prosecco, which was quite random.^^

^^This guuuy!^^

^^More cats. Look at their little feet!^^

^^Don’t judge me… I am so excited about Christmas!^^

LOVE. To-do lists. More than ever, especially as I’m starting to think about Christmas presents//New books//Skittles.
LISTENING. Sex Jam//Fucked Up//Ian Fisher//
LINKS. This piece of writing by Meg Fee, on ageing.//This piece of writing by Sophie, on running a creative lifestyle blog//These cat print loafers (!!!)//
LAST WEEK(S). Rugby//Cats//Food//
THIS WEEK. Dinner with friends x 2//Bake Off Final//VegFest London!//

I hope that everyone is having a lovely week. Autumn is here, isn’t it? I feel my way to the bathroom in the darkness when I get up in the morning, and am a bit on edge as I walk home alone in the evening, in darkness, and I’m testing the water with an extra layer here and there. We’ll be changing our clocks very soon, are you excited? What are you looking forward to in autumn?

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  1. October 6, 2015 6:51 pm

    I really want to try that coconut chocolate, it looks amazing!

  2. October 7, 2015 2:50 am

    Those nails are so cute! And that chocolate looks delicious

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