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Photos of the Week #47 – A Marrakech special!

November 29, 2015

WEEK 47 OF 52

This week’s Photos of the Week is dedicated to Marrakech! We hopped over to Africa for a weekend of winter sunshine, and I absolutely loved it. It’s a truly amazing place. I didn’t take a lot of photos – most of the time it felt as though as soon as you took a photo, someone would claim that they owned whatever you photographed and would demand payment! I turned my phone on flight mode and didn’t connect to the WiFi in the riad – and I have to say, it felt really good. Arriving at Gatwick and getting in the car, I braced myself as I turned aeroplane mode off, but it wasn’t as painful as I thought it was going to be, and I saved a lot of work-related ‘stuff’ until Monday, which helped.

Here are a handful of photos from our trip. Oh how I want to go back!

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^^We stayed at Dar Akal, a traditional Moroccan riad about 15min walk from the main square. Seriously, if you go to Marrakech stay at this place. It was so beautiful, romantic and special. The host was amazing – when we arrived we had tea and sat with him while he talked us through a map of the area, highlighting places to visit, how to get to places and some general tips on the best way to enjoy Marrakech. It gave us a brilliant start to the trip, giving us context for where we were staying and where we wanted to visit first. The road had a stunning rooftop terrace and pool, where we enjoyed breakfast when the weather was sunny, and a peaceful private lounge where we enjoyed a meal in the evening. Breakfast was included in the price of the room, and we paid extra for our meal in the evening, which was traditional (I think!) Moroccan food, made vegan especially for us.^^

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^^The main square in the Old Town. This was amazing during both the day and the evening. During the day it has market stalls and traders, plus monkeys in football shirts and nappies, and snake charmers. It’s buzzing with life. In the evening you’ll find much of the same, plus food stalls, magicians, storytellers and more.^^


^^Tea and an espresso in a cafe on the main square. I had spent most of the afternoon fighting nausea, but two espressos sorted me right out. See, coffee really can solve all of life’s problems.^^


^^The view while I sipped my espresso.^^

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^^One evening we decided to have dinner in our riad, and it was probably the most romantic meal we’ve ever had! The table was scattered with rose petals, the fire burned next to us and candles were dotted around the room. After our meal we played draughts and card games, it was the perfect evening.^^

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^^We had a trio of these antipasti/dips – courgette, tomato and aubergine. They were all really good. ^^

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^^Next up was a tagine, and finally fresh strawberries, all washed down with a beautiful bottle of Moroccan wine. ^^

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^^On the first day we stumbled upon Earth Cafe. I had researched it before we arrived, but quickly realised that it would be fairly impossible to try and find anywhere so we didn’t bother. Fate brought us together! The food is all vegetarian, with a vegan menu, however it was only OK. If you’re concerned about eating out then this is a safe bet, and fairly traditional. We had filo pastry in various shapes with grilled vegetables and dates.^^







^^A stork! They nest on the top of the building (GIANT nests!?!) and it was pretty cool to see them so close.^^




^^So many beautiful tiles.^^



^^Beautiful tiles, everywhere!


^^Because the weather wasn’t super warm, I was completely covered up anyway, but I didn’t get any hassle while I was in Marrakech. I don’t know how different it would be if you were out in a vest top or shorts, but as it was 15c while we were there I always had trousers and a cardigan on. Definitely bring some kind of espadrilles with you – the roads are dusty and a bit grubby, and you need some sturdy footwear while you pound the streets all day.^^


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Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

^^On our last day we took a taxi to the New Town and explored Yves Saint Laurent gardens, which were really beautiful. It was good to explore this part of the city, but I have to say I definitely preferred staying in the Old Town. It felt more ‘real’ and exciting.^^



So there’s Marrakech! Have you been? What would you recommend? 

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