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Warm Christmas punch

November 30, 2015

In my final year at university I lived in a house that had no heating. Not in a ‘we’re-students-just-thrown-on-another-jumper‘ kind of no heating, more like, ‘gas-does-not-exist-in-this-house-so-deal-with-it‘ kind of no heating. I soon learnt to get changed incredibly quickly, to switch on the little electric heater in my room 30 minutes before I planned on going to bed. To congregate around the slightly larger heater in the lounge, and to try not to burn yourself on it. When I got the deposit back from the previous flat we lived in, I invested in a blanket from John Lewis, and it’s still one of my most prized possessions. I love it so.

During the darkest winter months, shivering around the kitchen table in a desperate bid to finish my dissertation on time, whilst waiting patiently for the end of January to arrive so that I could pick up Rasputin, I discovered mulled winter punch. Every morning, before I had even picked out an outfit and planned which coffee shop I would be picking up my morning latte from, I made myself a warm mug of winter punch. And every evening before bed I would make myself a mug to send me to sleep, and fight the cold that set in once the sun had gone down. These were chills that not even Rasputin’s sweet kitten fur could remedy.

Shortly after graduating and moving to a (slightly) warmer home, I had long forgotten about it, and when I did remember, I couldn’t find it. Finally I managed to track it down on Ethical Superstore! I was so happy to see its sparkling label looking back at me. I dilute the punch with hot water, and it’s the most comforting wake-up call you could ask for, and the perfect goodnight kiss. As winter progresses, and we approach Christmas, treat yourself to a bottle. You won’t regret it.

This post is written in collaboration with Ethical Superstore.

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