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Photos of the Week #49

December 12, 2015

WEEK 49 OF 52

Week 49! Can you believe it? Christmas is so close, and 2016 is creeping closer, it’s crazy. But then I’m pretty sure everyone is saying the same thing ;) Everything’s getting a little festive around here, and I am absolutely loving it. I’ve been so lucky to be invited to so many Christmas gatherings already, including a cookie decorating party, and hosting friends for a Thanksgiving II dinner with some of Heston’s toffee apple mulled cider (!!!).

Here are some photos from last week.

^^What a cutey.^^

^^Our Christmas set-up! I’m on the hunt for some Christmas bunting to hang across the mantlepiece – any tips? Maybe I should make my own? You might spot Rasputin’s stocking on the right – I mentioned last week that Ras broke into his stocking, which is why it’s no longer hanging up. He keeps meowing at where it once was though. Silly cat.^^

^^Yankee candle advent calendar! Yankee candle advent calendar! My Mum is the best. Trout is also the best – he got me a Moo Free advent calendar, aka the best vegan chocolate.^^

^^Caught in the act. Bloody cheek.^^

^^On Wednesday Trout and I went on a little mid-week date to see Black Mass at the cinema, and then to eat hotdogs from Beelzebab at their newest residence – at The Hope. It was the perfect evening. The film was pretty good – I love anything that’s based on a true story – and anything that ends with pulled ‘pork’ fries and battered pickles, with the best mustard mayo. I highly recommend.^^

^^This guyyyyy. A lazy morning/afternoon spent in bed with my two favourite boys. I love it.^^


LOVE. C H R I S T M A S //Mulled cider//Being really lazy at the weekend. No shame.//
LINKS. Naomi’s morning with her sister – it looks so much fun!//This recipe for S’mores hot chocolate (!!!). I’ve had such a craving for hot chocolate lately!//
LAST WEEK. Countdown to Christmas officially beginning//Having a cold//The start of so many Christmas parties!//
THIS WEEK. More Christmas parties!//Some much-needed time off work//Ghost Stories for Christmas .//

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