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Photos of the Week #51 and #52

January 2, 2016

WEEKS 51 AND 52 OF 52

Happy 2016! This year is finally here (I’ve been counting down the days, it was a much needed change), and here’s the closing photos from 2015. I’ve bunched them all together, right up until the very last day of 2015, because in 2016 I won’t be putting together these weekly round-ups. Although I’ve enjoyed capturing daily moments over the past two years, I’ve found myself, sometimes, reluctantly putting them together, often later than I would like, occasionally rushed, and usually with a strange sense of duty. I’ve also decided to focus more on ‘spontaneous’, inspired blogging, and writing, rather than weekly (or fortnightly…) photo dumps. It’s just one of the changes in progress as I embrace this nonsensical ‘fresh start’.

I think that I will probably put together a reflective blog post of 2015 (yes, it’s been done before, by everyone, but there’s something very reflective about considering what you want to do more of in the new year, and what you need to let go of and leave behind in the year that has passed) – it was fun to see my most popular Instagram posts from 2015 (you can find it on my Instagram page here), and I would like to hold onto some good memories from the year, as right now December was shitty (come to think of it, so was some of November) so let’s change it around. Here’s what I got up to at the end of 2015.

^^Our office Christmas party. The place we went to made a special menu for me, which was pretty darn good. Those three dips were yum! The party finished ridiculously early (7pm? Really?) so a few of us took ourselves into town for a couple of rounds of cocktails, which turned out to be one of the funnest evenings of the year. Got to love random nights like that.^^

^^Homemade gingerbread cookies. Perfect for Christmas.^^

^^Christmas lunch!^^

^^Vegan Baileys! Served in my super cute Dooley’s tumblers. A sweet friend bought these for me around 10 years ago – do you remember Dooley’s? It was my obsession when I was around 18 – and it was amazing.^^

^^Breakfast in bed. Nothing super exciting, but sometimes you need to be brought a buttery slice of toast and hot coffee when you have a cough that won’t. leave. What WAS amazing, was being treated to smashed avocado on toast, courtesy of Mr T the next day. What a dreamboat.^^

^^Homemade hot chocolate, using one of my Christmas presents from Trout – Montezumas hot chocolate discs laced with orange and ginger. Holy moly this was good! Enjoyed wearing my new Esprit jumper, a gift from my parents.^^

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas, filled with good food and sweet presents. What are your Christmas traditions? Do you spend it in a family-only zone? I’ve made the most of this time off work by getting on with cleaning and tidying around the house. I really need to get better at cleaning little and often, rather than spending an entire day cleaning all three floors of our house at once. 2016 is the year I become a domestic goddess.

How was your New Years Eve? We spent it in Glasgow, and I’ll share some photos in another blog. Happy New Year!

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