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New Years in Glasgow

January 5, 2016

To celebrate the end of 2015 and the beginning of 2016, Trout and I headed up to Glasgow for a long weekend. It was grey and rainy, but I wouldn’t have expected anything less. I pulled on a hat and big coat and braced the elements, and we made sure it didn’t dampen our enthusiasm (didyouseewhatididthere). I got some great recommendations before we left, and over the three days we ticked them off one by one.

There are so many restaurants in Glasgow! I couldn’t believe how many there were. And they all looked so beautiful. It was amazing for vegans – we were spoilt for choice, and luckily we made some delicious decisions. Here are some photos from our trip.

The sights

We found that there wasn’t a huge amount to do in Glasgow (apart from museums and galleries, which were sadly closed given the dates we were there). I really enjoyed the Necropolis, we found a lovely indoor market, and the Cathedral was beautiful – but there weren’t quite the number of independent shops that I thought there would be. Thankfully there was plenty of food to make up for it ;)

The food

Stereo cafe. I could have quite happily eaten here all day every day – the food was so.good. 100% vegan, and with a cracking beer menu, this was the perfect start to our trip. We arrived at around 3pm, dropped off our bags and headed out the door. I had a Turkish wrap – basically like a delicious kebab-type-thing with HAGGIS IN. Bloody brilliant. Trout had nachos with haggis on (we really got into the Scottish spirit of things!) and we shared a portion of buffalo cauliflower with garlic mayo, which was INSANE! Words cannot describe how good it was.

Mono cafe. Another 100% vegan menu, the food was really good (but not quite as good as Stereo). I had a garlicy Portabello mushroom burger with beer battered onion rings and Trout had the Banh Mi. Both were very good but the onion rings were so greasy, which was a bit gross. I would still definitely return, though. It’s opposite 13th note, another vegan cafe/bar/venue, which I wish we had had a chance to try but alas, New Years Day got in the way!

A beer flight at Brewdog. Such a fun idea!

Ushas. A street food inspired restaurant, the food was really good but it was let down by the service. We had the menus whipped away before we’d even finished ordering our food, and abruptly told that two side dishes and a portion of rice was enough for two people (it wasn’t) and we shouldn’t order a 2nd naan bread because one was enough (fair point). We picked the restaurant because they served vegan biryani (unheard of!) and vegan naan bread (the holy grail!) so we were really disappointed that we weren’t allowed to try the biryani. They mixed up my wine order, assumed that our change was to be kept as a tip (hate it when restaurants do that) and the naan only came halfway through the meal, after I’d reminded the waitress. Saying all of that, I would still go back because the food really was good – get the bullet chillis to start! – just be firm with what you want to order…

Have you been to Glasgow? What else would you recommend?

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  1. January 7, 2016 12:35 am

    Beautiful pictures. The food looks incredible


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