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Life lately, according to my belly

March 25, 2016


Happy Good Friday, everyone! Life has been filled with good food lately. Good food, and this whiskerface getting sweeter by the day; since we came back from Cuba he has been even cuter than usual (I think his tiny cat ears must have been burning as he just jumped up on the sofa and is blocking my view of the computer!). Here are a few things that I’ve been eating lately:

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Pain au chocolat. Another Loving Hut opened up in Brighton last year, about 30 seconds from where I work, and it’s getting dangerously tempting to go there all the time! Their ocean burger is SO.GOOD. I keep meaning to try other dishes, but that burger… oh my. Anyway, I picked up this pastry on my way out last time we had lunch there, and it was perfect for a lazy Saturday morning in bed, with a hot cup of coffee. Bliss.

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Giant crumpet. This was really fun! It’s made by Warburtons, and makes for a cracking start to the day. One of my clients is working with them at the moment, and it’s made me want to experiment with them – what can I pile on top!? Scrambled tofu with fried mushrooms and onions, plenty of garlic. ‘Bacon’, rocket and tomato. Use two as burger buns?! The possibilities are endless.

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Burgers at Mildreds in Soho. I can’t resist a good burger at the best of times, but THIS burger is SOMETHING ELSE. I had the Polish burger, and Trout had the regular burger (I won) and both come with the best mayo you could ever ask for – basil mayo. It can be tricky to get a table there sometimes, but totally worth the wait.

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Burgers and beers at Troll’s Pantry, served at The Hobgoblin, Brighton. A friend organised a birthday party at the pub and we had these burgers while we were there. They were pretty good – very filling and tasty, but I’m not sure I would rush back. The vegan mayo was strange – not really mayo, to be honest – but on the whole they were nice.

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Chinese takeaway. You can’t beat it! Trout had been travelling all day so when we came home we picked up a takeaway, got cozy on the sofa and caught up with Take Me Out. This is a pretty standard order for us, vegetable spring rolls, boiled rice, vegetarian rice noodles (no egg), tofu in kung po sauce, veg in black bean sauce and crispy seaweed (no crispy pork on top!).

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Arancini balls. This is one of my favourite meals! Trout makes a big pot of risotto, we eat half and then save the other half for the next day, roll them into balls, coat them in batter and breadcrumbs then deepfry them. Oh my! Trout makes this incredible sauce to go with it – some kind of brandy, mushroom, garlic, cream sauce of dreams. Swoon.

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Yorica! This place opened up a few weeks ago, and it’s been on my must-visit place ever since. Everything is vegan, gluten free, wheat free, dairy free, egg free and nut free, and they serve fro-yo, ice-cream and shakes with a bunch of different toppings – follow Yorica! on Instagram to see their amazing creations. I finally got the chance to be in London a couple of weeks ago, and it was my second stopping point, after dropping in to surprise a sweet friend while she was at work. I went for a scoop of cookies and cream, and a scoop of no-nut butter (it’s like peanut butter ice-cream, but without the peanuts. I know!). I also had a drizzle of caramel sauce on top. Yum! It was pretty tasty, but it wasn’t anything compared to Boho Gelato in Brighton, which always tastes incredible. There are few things better on this planet than their sea salt caramel peanut butter ice cream. Holy crap is that stuff good.

What have you been eating lately? 
Have you eaten at any of these places?

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  1. March 25, 2016 9:42 pm

    I went to Yorica today. I had already decided I wanted the matcha and chocolate froyo with marshmallows before I went but I wanted to sample a couple of the other flavours. Unfortunately it was sooooo busy in there and there was such a queue behind I couldn’t really take my time and try anything else out. There were no seats left so we sat outside on a bench. I’ll have to try and go on a quieter day next time but good it’s so popular!

    • April 1, 2016 5:54 pm

      Yeah, very positive to see it so busy! It was fairly quiet when I went, but great to see an allergy-friendly place in London. Hopefully it will be a success!

  2. March 27, 2016 7:11 pm

    Your title is amazing. sea salted caramel peanut butter ice cream sounds amazing!

  3. April 4, 2016 11:53 am

    I’m suddenly very hungry reading this! Plus I now know which ice cream to get from Boho Gelato next time I’m in Brighton!

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