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A little hello

September 22, 2016

Things that I’ve been enjoying lately:

  1. My Favourite Murder. Have you listened to it? My sweet friend Ashley recommended it to me, and I am OBSESSED. I’ve listened to 11 episodes since Sunday evening. And I’ve been trawling their Facebook group, too. SWOON.
  2. Hanging out with puppies. Is there a better way to spend a Sunday afternoon?! I’ve been trying to spend as many Sunday afternoons at my parents house as I can, because these two are growing up so fast.
  3. We went to Canada! And America. I’m putting together a couple of blog posts on our trip, but it’s taking a while. Watch this space.
  4. We had a wall knocked down in our house! There are dust and bricks everywhere.
  5. Natasha Bailie’s YouTube channel. I’m not a mum, and don’t plan to be any time soon, but her videos are so good.
  6. The colder weather. Autumn coats, moody grey skies, roast dinners. Please can the weather stay like this forever?

Thank you to everyone who subscribed while I had a massive blog-break! It means a lot, and I’m sorry that it’s been a disappointing few months. Can you believe it’s been over three months since the last time I bothered you all? Here’s hoping that it won’t take me another three months to finish these travel blogs. What have you been up to? What have I missed?


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