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Veganuary 2017

January 1, 2017

Happy New Year! It’s 2017!

With a new year comes another Veganuary – a fantastic initiative offering advice, support, ideas and information on why you should give Veganuary a go, and how you can eat amazing food every day. I thought I’d offer up some advice and share what I usually eat in a day – hopefully it’s useful if you’re thinking of giving it a try. I think the best possible way of enjoying this month is to find a way of veganising your favourite meals, so that they work for you, and try out some new dishes along the way. Here’s what I love to eat:


 photo 7E392C82-705E-4AC5-95D1-9A5F4F7F4739_zpsjret2gb4.jpg

Let’s start with the fun stuff. Croissants. Our favourite weekend treat, Trout has them with ‘ham‘ and ‘cheese‘, and I’ll have one stuffed with dark chocolate.

 photo Croissants_zpsnomxzgui.png

During the week, I usually have yogurt – I absolutely love Alpro’s Go On blackcurrant tubscoconut yogurt and their fruity yogurt tubs, topped with granola and fruit.


When it’s colder, I love porridge whipped with banana and topped with fruit and peanut butter – or Dorset Cereals’ Gingerbread Porridge. And when you’re feeling a little tender in the morning…

 photo FA9A7C2E-95CD-496E-B4FF-9FBDAF08A882_zpsd82bkxde.jpg
… it has to be a full fry-up! Linda McCartney sausages, hash browns, toast, grilled tomatoes, garlic mushrooms, beans, scrambled tofu and toast. Delish! Oh, and don’t forget the Vitalite.


During the week I’m a bit of a saver, so I don’t spend too much on my lunch. I usually have soup – Glorious! thai carrot soup is my favourite, and I’ll have it with a bread roll. Sometimes we make something like creamy mushroom soup at the weekend and I’ll bring that into work.

 photo DE8C97CE-BCBD-4422-BA85-22228ED28DD0_zpsghv8vjqp.jpg

Otherwise I’ll have salad made up of tubs of couscous and bulgar wheat that you can find in all supermarkets, grilled artichokes, croutons, hummus and pitta bread, or I’ll make sandwiches with roasted veg, hummus and iceberg lettuce, or ‘ham’ and marmite. At the weekend we might have bagels stuffed with cream cheese, sausage, red onion chutney and rocket, or hot dogs in buns. Healthy stuff, y’know ;)


 photo Spag bol_zpsjynnzll4.png

We’ve both been vegan for a long time now – over 10 years – so I would say that we’ve probably settled into a routine of our favourite dishes during the week – spaghetti bolognaise, stirfry, risotto and arancini balls, roast dinner, peanut butter curry.

 photo IMG_8174_zps967a35f8.jpg

Love burgers? You’ve got to try these Linda McCartney quarter pounders. They’ve fooled meat eaters ever since they launched! I personally love meat-replacement products – they mix things up a bit, rather than eating just veggies, but they’re not for everyone.

 photo Homemade chinese_zpsxnzuzc7x.png

^^Mock-duck pancakes, with VBites ‘duck’ (you can find this in most Holland&Barretts).^^

 photo Pizza_zpsohdqhh6j.png

^^Pizza made with Crosta & Mollica pizza bases, topped with VBites ‘chicken’ pieces, onion, vega cheese and BBQ sauce.^^


 photo IMG_8346_zpscfcae6f8.jpg

I love these Clif Builders bars – they can usually be found in independent health food stores, or online. This year I’m really trying to eat more fruit, so that’s going on my list of snacks, too.

 photo IMG_6997_zpsdf81ef31.jpg

These white chocolate cookies are the best you’ll ever taste. Pick up Ms. Cupcake’s cookbook for full-proof recipes vegan cakes, loaves, cookies and more. If you have a sweet tooth, you’ll love Choices Caramels, which you can pick up from almost all supermarkets. Free From sections have come a long way lately, and you’ll find anything from white chocolate to vegan pesto, snack bars to


 photo Takeaway_zpseaun7hpl.png

As a general rule, it’s best to check with the restaurant what their vegan options are. Here are some basic guidelines for what to check for, depending on what you fancy:

Chinese and Thai: Shellfish, fish sauce, oyster sauce, egg
Indian: Ghee, cream, yogurt
Pizza: Papa Johns (bases are vegan, as are the potato wedges and special garlic dips). Pizza Hut and Domino’s are not vegan-friendly. Zizzi have their own vegan menu – including wine, and vegan cheese!

I hope that offers some help if you’re struggling to decide what to eat this month. Please leave a comment below if you’re looking for a vegan alternative to anything in particular, click through my posts tagged ‘vegan’, or email me for support – I’m always happy to help!

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