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Fatto a Mano – vegan & gluten free offerings

March 19, 2017

Pizza oven at Fatto a Manno

On Tuesday night my love and I went for a little pizza date to Fatto a Mano. We’d been before with friends, the day that we found out that they were going to be having a baby in a few sweet months. I remember the queue for a table being so long, and while we waited and walked to a nearby bar, they announced their special news. It’s a walk I’ll never forget, and a simply meal made oh so special.

Pizza is fast becoming my joint-favourite food. For so long it was burgers – I would order a burger whenever I saw it on the menu – but after so many oh-so disappointing servings, I’ve had to retire it even from my top five, and pizza has slipped into its place (curry will always be my true love). Yes you can find so many sub-standard (awful) pizzerias, but lately I’ve been on a lucky streak.

I will always have a love of marinara pizza. There’s something so wonderfully simple about it, the perfect barometer for flavour and expertise, finished off with a scattering of olives and a few select artichokes (and plenty of chilli oil). At the same time I get so excited seeing pizzerias, whether they’re vegan or not, adding vegan cheese to their menus – even the odd faux meat, too. If you’re looking for the perfect all-vegan pizzeria in Brighton, you must try Purezza.

^^ These olives! Amazing. I don’t even know what to say – you know when you get a really, really good olive? That happened. ^^

^^ Gluten-free garlic pizza bread, and bruschetta. I don’t think the bruschetta was gluten-free, but I had to keep asking the waitress, is this garlic bread really gluten free?! It was crazy good! If you can’t have gluten, you’re in for a real treat. ^^

^^ Bruschetta is in my top 10 favourite foods, and this didn’t disappoint. They did not scrimp on those beautifully sweet cherry tomatoes. ^^

^^ We both ordered the Vegana pizza, he switched the fried courgettes for mushrooms. Big mistake! Those courgettes were incredible. I didn’t really know what to expect, and almost switched them for artichokes myself, but I’m so glad I didn’t. The pesto and courgettes really made this pizza special. The vegan cheese is an odd one – it doesn’t truly melt, so becomes just as much a part of the toppings as the other ingredients, so I would say that a little less of it would probably work better, rather than the cubes part-melted, but the flavour was good, and it’s so nice to have the option. ^^

^^ Absolutely stuffed! Between the pizza and the garlic bread, I was ready to be rolled home – no room for dessert or even espresso (!!!). I’m not sure if anyone pretends that gluten-free ingredients make for a lighter dish, because I can confirm they do not, and I was still full the next morning. ^^

I love that Fatto a Mano have stuck to their guns and sourced vegan mozzarella and gluten-free flour from small Italian companies. They’ve made these new offerings melt seamlessly into their original menu and ethos. Soft and pillowy bases. Simple pizza, made well.

I was invited to try Fatto a Mano’s new vegan and gluten-free menu, however views and food baby are my own.

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